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What type of food makes you lose weight fast?

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There really isn't a food out there that makes you lose weight as you eat it. It's really important that you watch what your eating and if you balance that out with some exercise then you'll lose weight.

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it is phsically immposiable to lose weight that fast yhen well if you do lose weight that fast go see a doctor but you can flush out your body to help lose weight with olive oil you haveto drink it this makes the food come right out by a number 2.

Your metabolism isn't a ability it is a part of you that digested food fast/slow depending on how fast it is so yes it makes you lose weight... Next time learn b4 you ask

The other way to lose weight is to start running. Unlike the other suggestions which ruin your health, running makes you healthier.

You can lose weight when you walk but not just eat and sit cuz that is not good and it makes u fat.

You should avoid fast food, sweets and sweetened drinks.

Not very good to lose weight too fast. To start - no coffee, no soda pop, no liquor beer or wine, no deserts, no fast food, no bread, no butter, no jam/jelly and don't add salt to your meal. Coffee slows weight loss. Fast food is loaded with salt which makes you retain water and slows weight loss. All of the other items are high calorie and you won't lose weight very fast if you eat or drink them. If you can cut out all of the above, you'll lose a lot of water weight fast. Then, you'll lose fat and you'll weigh a lot less.

people say that celery has negative calories, so i guess that will help you lose weight

Tape worm does, but its really unhealthy to have one.

What do you think tardo? Can a fat, overweight kid lose weight fast without quitting junk food? Kids can't lose weight fast anyway. So no, you can't make a child lose weight if he still eats McDonalds and stuffs his face with super peanut butter chocolate candy crunch ice cream.

The atkins diet will help you lose weight fast. It is based on lowering your carb intake which makes you retain fat in your cells. You should consider this diet if you want to lose weight fast.

exercise and eat healthier foods. and less food

diet is food we taking in and weight is the measurement of weighing

egg are one of the best food food to eat in morning if you are trying to lose weight it is not only healthy but it makes you feel full for longer

loads of drinks are high in sugar so they put on weight too

If you want to lose weight just eat food that is low in carbohydrates. All food has the info on its label. Keep your carbs as low as possible and the weight will drop fast.

That sniffing at the soft part of a banana makes u lose weight

no,it only gives you a disoreder and makes you unhealthy

All you have to do is eat more healthy. Doing sports doesn't hurt to lose weight, but if you stop eating fried food, no more Fast Food and Sweets (or at least very limited), you will lose weight very fast.

Fast food is great if you really want to lose weight stuff a couple big macs down your throat :) gives extremely helpful tips on how to lose weight fast, but in a safe way. It also has many tools and resources for your benefit such as the food and fitness planner, evaluator: assess your diet, and much more.

There are no books written on how to lose weight fast by a The Biggest Loser Contestant. However, there are books from the trainers of The Biggest Loser on how to lose weight correctly.

yes it helps you because it makes you sweat faster which makes you lose weight

ht tps://yo remove the spaces is a link for a challenge of ten days totally free is a video to lose weight quickly

It will help you lose weight.

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