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It depends on money. It can be as humble as a pair of socks, a tie or a small bottle of cologne or as splendid as a brand new automobile or a pair of tickets to Europe.

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Q: What type of gifts do Mexicans get for Christmas?
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Do Mexicans give gifts on Christmas?

If they celebrate Christmas they do

What do Mexicans do at Christmas time?

Mexicans as well as Latin people stay up late until December 24 to December 25 and open their gifts

What type of games do Mexicans play at Christmas?


Do Mexicans exchange presents at Christmas?

Yes of course they do. One of the most popular gifts is a free ride across the border

How do Mexicans exchange gifts on Christmas?

Some do, and some don't, dependent upon religion, family tradition and a variety of other factors!

How many presents do Mexicans get at Christmas?

Mexicans get no presents at Christmas because they are forgetting this tradition. But they do decorate the Christmas Trees.

What do Mexicans get for Christmas?

Mexicans mostly get... Taco kits.

What type of gifts do you give to people of India at Christmas time?


Why do jamaicans get gifts on Christmas?

For the same reason you get Christmas gifts

Is Christmas about gifts?

No Christmas is not about gifts. Its about loving caring and be with your family.

What do Mexicans eat in the season of Christmas?

There are many foods the Mexicans eat in the season of Christmas such as tamales. Mexicans also eat Rosca de Reyes.

What are the Ukrainian traditional Christmas gifts?

christmas gifts given by santa

What kind of inexpensive Christmas gifts are popular and easy to create?

The most popular type of inexpensive Christmas gifts include cards, homemade craft projects, such as decorations, and simple jewelery. These gifts are mostly given by children

Does Mexicans celebrate Christmas?

First of all it is Do Mexicans Celebrate Christmas. Yes they do we celebrate Christmas a lot different than other people.

What is the main Christmas celebration in Mexico?

It is Christmas (December 25); however Christmas Eve is highly celebrated among Mexicans, with distinctive dinners where gifts and presents are opened; there are also many places where fireworks are shot off. This is known as "Nochebuena".

When are the Christmas gifts open?

On Christmas day is the day that you traditionally open your gifts.

What day in Mexico do the kids receive gifts?

January 6: Dia de los Santos Reyes / Epiphany celebration - is the day when Mexicans exchange Christmas presents.

I don't get why you give gifts at Christmas?

Gifts are given at Christmas as a reminder of the gifts that were given to baby Jesus by the wise men.

Why do you wrap Christmas gifts?

It is always fun to give a surprise. That is why we wrap the Christmas gifts.

Do UK exchange gifts at Christmas?

Yes, they do exchange gifts at Christmas in the United Kingdom.

What were the top gifts for Christmas 2011?

The Ipad2 was amongst the top gifts for Christmas 2011.

What kind of gifts do the children receive in Italy at Christmas?

Who delivers the gifts at Christmas in Italy

Do Mexicans have Christmas trees for Christmas?

Mexicans who believe in Christmas or who celebrate it, do indeed have a Christmas tree. I know someone who lives in Mexico. It's the same thing, if they are Jewish, they celebrate Hanukkah, if they are Christian they celebrate Christmas.

Do Mexicans have Christmas trees?


What do Mexicans receive for Christmas?