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Q: What type of government elects leaders to represent them?
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Who elects the leaders and how long do the leaders serve?

it depends on what type of government you are talking about. like in a presidential democracy, the people elect the president and the president is serving for 4 years.

What happen in a republic?

A republic is a type of government where the leaders/officials are elected by the citizens to represent them.

What is a type of government that elects representatives to make laws which governs them?


What type of legislative branch elects Prime Minister?

Prime Ministers are not elected by a legislative branch, they are elected by political parties. They become leaders of their party and if that party wins and election, they become the Prime Minister of a government after being invited to form a government by the head of state.

Type of democracy where legislature elects a prime minister?

Parliamentary democracy is the type of democracy where the legislature, typically the parliament, elects the prime minister. The prime minister is the head of government and is accountable to the parliament.

What type of government dose Colombia?

It is a democratic country that re-elects its President every four years as well as the Senate.

In which type of government are people dependent on the wishes and whims of a political party and its leaders?

Totalitarianism is a type of government where people are dependent on the wishes and whims of a political party and its leaders.

What type of government did Winston Churchill represent?


What type of Government did the Settlement of Plymouth have?

Colony leaders. Example: A Oligarchy

What type of government describes Buddhist leaders?

look it up dude

Which leaders do people usually associate with a totalitarian type of government?


What type of religion of government Are men the leaders?