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in highschool your're going to need a's and b's to get into a "good" college. Then in college you should do the same in order to get into med school because it's extreemly tuff!! It really all depends on how bad you wanna make 200,000-350,000 a year

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Q: What type of grades are needed for someone to become an anesthesiologist and what are the benefits?
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What is required in high school to become an anesthesiologist?

Good grades overall and strong science program including biology and chemistry. Good luck to you!

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Where are the best areas to work to become an anesthesiologist?

* complete high school * complete college with excellent grades * complete 4-years of medical school * match into an anesthesiology program (4-years duration)

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What classes in high school do you need to take to be an anesthesiologist?

Anesthesiologists are doctors. It isn't the high school classes so much as the college classes that will get you into medical school. In high school you need good grades so that you can get into a good college. And in college you will need good grades to get into medical school. After medical school, you then study to acquire your anesthesiologist certification.

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