US Civil War

What type of gun was used in the civil war?


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The type of gun used in the civil war was the almost infamous MUSKET!

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The most used gun was the revolver.

The Parrott rifle was a type of muzzle loading rifled artillery weapon used in the American Civil War. It was invented by Robert Parker Parrott.

Limited use in the US Civil War

Sphagnum moss was used as a bandage during the Civil War to wrap around gun wounds.

the Gatling gun and the iron clads were the newest technology in the civil war

PetersbergYes- limited use later in the war.

the only type of shot gun i know of used in world war 2 was a pump action shot gun called a trench gun. it was an early type of shot gun. hope this helped. ;)

Used (poorly) in very few battles.

Three inventions of the Civil War include the Gatling gun, a type of submarine, and the double barrel cannon. Another invention of the Civil War includes ironclad warships.

they were used to hold gun powder.

there were many different type as the South was not prepared for war arms wise. one of the most popular was the British Enfield

An ironclad was a type of battleship used during the Civil War. in the year 101

Prior to the Civil War, the Tenth Amendment was used to support

Anything that could fire a projectile down range was used during the Civil War. Type your answer here...

they used a m1grand this is a old gun they also used a freedom rifle

They were used for reconnaissance of troops in the civil war. They were the first type of "spy" from the air.

First used in combat were: balloon, telegraph, machine gun (Gatling).

Shooting and possibly killing just like any other gun.

the first gun shot of the civil war was started

the first rapid fire gun was the hand crannked gatling gun used in the civil war but the maxim was the first true machine gun which was developed not long after the gatling

Yes. There were machine guns in WW1. There were Gatlin Guns, a type of machine gun, in the Civil War.Yes

The Gatling Gun was invented before the American Civil War. It saw only limited use in that war, but it was used in following wars around the world by the US and other countries.

Nothing was used in place of gunpowder during the Civil War. Gunpowder was made and used extensively by both sides. During the Civil War the guns used black powder for propellant. Modern guns use smokeless powder, which has a completely different chemical composition.

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