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We don't live in huts, contrary to common belief. We live in regular apartments and houses, just like everywhere else in the US.

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What type of house do Hawaiians live in?

regular houses.

What is the typical type of housing people live in in Seattle?

They live in mudhuts

What type of housing did the pharaohs live in?

ya mum

What type of housing did the Hopi live in?

they are made out of adobe

What type of housing did the Navajo live in?

they lived in Hogan's

How did the hawaiians get to Utah?

Hawaiians live in ALL 50 states. They arrived by car, train, plane, or bus.

What do they call people who live in Hawaii?


What do hawaiians live in?

Houses, Apartments, and condos.

What type of housing did the chiricahua Apaches live in?

wat wat in the but

What type of housing did a medieval archer live in?

a good house

What type of housing did the Goshute Indians live in?


Are hawaiians Chinese?

No, Hawaiians are not Chinese. People from the Hawaiian Islands are called Hawaiians while people from China are Chinese. There might be people who live in Hawaii who are Chinese though.

What type of houses did the kickapoo live in?

The Kickapoo lived in wickiups, a type of thatch housing.

What is the name of people who live in Hawaii?

They are called Hawaiians.

What are the name of navtive Americans that live in hawaii?

Hawaiians are not native americans. Hawaiians are Hawaiian. We call ourselves Kanaka maoli.

What type of housing did Egyptian priest live?

i think in special temples

What type of housing did the Chinook Indians live in?

Plankhouses made of ceder

What type of housing did most Sumerian's live in?

one-story houses

What type of music do Hawaiians listen to?

pop and jazz

Which islands do native Hawaiians live on today?

All of the "main" Islands except Kaho'olawe and Molokai has the highest percentage of native Hawaiians.

What type of housing does Peru have?

Peru has the same type of housing that the United States does. People in Peru either live in homes, apartments, condos, or in some cases, hostels.

First people to live on Hawaii?

The first people to live in Hawaii were the Hawaiians which are the Polynesians

What type of housing did slaves live in?

they lived in log cabins with dirt floors

What type of housing do Lithuanian people live in?

Same as in any else country.

What type of housing style do the Judaism?

Jews live in 135 different countries, and their housing styles are whatever the styles are in those countries.

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