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You could apply to be a police officer, probation officer, corrections officer, your can apply to work in the county/state/city courthouse, you can be a paralegal, you could go onto law school, legal secretary, apply for a legal team at a top corporation in your area (like Shell, AT&T, etc., and many many more.

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I have an associate's degree in criminal justice and i just got a felony where could i apply for a job?


What could you do with a criminal Justice Degree in the US Navy?

With a Criminal Justice degree, you could become a Military Officer in the US Navy.

How can I find information on a criminal justice lesson?

You can apply to a local college and enroll in the criminal justice program. THIS allow you to earn BA in the criminal justice field. If you can't commit to going to college you could also earn s degree online in the criminal justice field.

What can you do with a degree in nursing and criminal justice?

you could become a forensic Nurse

Do you have to live in the state that you are getting your criminal justice degree?

i am wondering the same thing. i currently living in a different state, than the one i want to live in and work there. i working on the criminal justice degree too. i was wondering if u could get it. and the move to the state u what to go in.

What kind of master's degree can I get with an undergrad degree in psychology?

You could get a masters degree in psychology first of all, other feilds could include sociology, public affairs, criminal justice...pretty much anything working with people.

What entry level job could you obtain with an Associate's Degree in Criminal Justice?

Earning an Associate Degree in Criminal Justice from Santa Barbara Business College will prepare you for an entry-level position in "law enforcement, corrections, probation, immigration, or security services." The Criminal Justice program is not a training program to become a police officer or corrections officer, but will provide the working knowledge required with a career pertaining to the law.

How can I get a criminal justice degree?

You could easily get your degree online at Phoenix University or Kaplan University online. You then would need on the job hands on training once you took your classes online.

What jobs are available for an individual with a sociology degree?

Ultimately, it will depend on what type of degree the person has. Having said that, a sociology degree could get an individual a job in teaching, social work, or criminal justice just to name a few.

Can a felony get a degree in crinminal law to be a corectional officer?

A convicted felon could earn a degree in criminal law or criminal justice, but would be ineligible for hire as a corrections officer. Corrections officers occasionally have to handle firearms, and convicted felons are forbidden from possessing firearms.

Why do you study criminal justice?

People studying criminal justice are interested in having a career in law. This could mean being a judge or district attorney.

What is the abbreviation for associate's degree in criminal justice?

Depending on the college, it could be either an associate of arts (AA), or associate in science (AS). It just depends on the schools preferred approach.

Can a person get a Ph.D. in Criminal Justice?

Yes. A person could get a Doctorate in Criminal Justice/Human Services. See the related links for more information.

If you study Criminal Justice in Ireland can you become an FBI agent?

You can become an FBI agent after studying any subject, anywhere. The minimum educational requirement to become an FBI agent is a bachelor's degree in any subject.Criminal justice might not be the best field of study for this career. The FBI is partial to law school graduates, accountants, linguists, engineers, and scientists. Most of the knowledge one would accumulate in a criminal justice degree program is taught during New Agent Training at the FBI Academy. There are many applicants for Special Agent jobs, and one needs to have special skills and considerable accomplishments to be considered.One critical requirement to become an agent is U.S. citizenship. If you studied criminal justice in Ireland as an Irish citizen, you would first have to emigrate to the United States and obtain citizenship before you could apply to the FBI.

What does it mean to have a CII number on your criminal record?

"Criminal Identification and Information" You could probably get that number from the state department of justice.

What do I need to know about criminal justice training?

I think there are places which could have criminal justice training online or classes of that nature for you. I think you should try Kaplan or UMass for schools to check out.

What fun job can you get after completing a criminal justice major?

Hmm, not much "fun" involved in criminal justice. You could take it to a TV profession or a writer. In these areas you don't actually have to get your hands dirty.

What job can you get with a Master's Degree in Instructional Leadership?

This is a highly specialized degree. This would be a good degree to apply in an academic setting. You could teach teachers or educators. You could coach businesses or business men. You may not be able to directly apply this degree and may have to rely on your undergraduate degree.

What does a M1 degree of a criminal charge in Ohio?

Not enough information is known. . . it COULD signify a First Degree Misdemeanor. (???)

How much does criminal justice system spend on the government a year?

You would have to specify which government, what level of government, and what level of agency. "the government" and "criminal justice system" could mean any number of different things.

What can you do with both a BS in Psychology and Criminal Justice?

If you have a Bachelor's Degree in both Psychology and Criminal Justice, there are many different career paths that you could consider.First of all, any position in law enforcement would be suitable for someone with your background. You could become a police officer, correctional officer, federal agent, crime scene investigator, or forensic scientist among other positions.If you want to practice clinical psychology, or become a counselor or forensic psychologist, you will need to go on and earn a Master's degree. There are master's degree programs that provide specific training for these types of positions.If you would like to read more about any of these positions you should visit the Criminal Justice School Guide:

How can you improve the relationship between criminal law and liability within the criminal justice system?

The relationship between criminal law and liability within the criminal justice system can be improved with tighter regulations. Instead of allowing judges to be overly judicial, mandates could be issued requiring more uniform sentences.

What would happen if you didnt have criminal justice?

Criminals wouldn't be trialed fairly, or they would rome freely. The Innocent could be mixed in with the guiltly and you can put an innocent mans life in behind bars. Or the alternative, the Guilty could be treated as an innocent and could be let go. In conclusion, if we didn't have criminal justice there is no point on having any laws, if justice won't be served.

The impeachment of Justice Samuel Chase in 1804 established that judges could only be removed?

for criminal behavior.

Can you double major and get two different degrees in criminal justice and funeral and mortuary services and could you get a bachelor's in one and a master's in the other?

You could hold two bachelors, but you could only obtain a master's if you first got a bachelors in the field and then completed a course of study for a master's degree.