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Saudi Arabia has a king which changes with its generation only. People apart from the generation cannot be a king. People can neither vote nor can they speak against any law.

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What type of economy does Saudi Arabia have?

The type of economy Saudi Arabia has is a command economy.

How was Abdullah ibn Abdul Aziz Al Saud leader of Saudi Arabia chosen?

the founder of Saudi Arabia

How will the next leader of Saudi Arabia be chosen?

Saudi Arabia is a monarchy, the Crown Prince and successor is selected by the King.

Who is the present leader of Saudi Arabia?

King Abdullah ibn Abdul Aziz. The sixth King of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Who is the leader of Saudi Arabia now?

King Abdullah

Is Saudi Arabia in Saudi Arabia?

Yes. Saudi Arabia IS Saudi Arabia.

What is the title of the leader in Saudi Arabia?

Actually there is only one title given and that's king . so its the King of Saudi Arabia.

Who is the current leader of Saudi Arabia 2010?

King Abdullah has been the ruler since 2005. Saudi Arabia is an absolute monarchy

Which nation is a world leader in desalination projects?

Saudi Arabia

What is the state of Saudi Arabia?

what is the state of Saudi Arabia what is the state of Saudi Arabia what is the state of Saudi Arabia

Is the government of Saudi Arabia an example of a direct democracy?

No. Saudi Arabia is an absolute monarchy, which is a type of dictatorship. The centralization of power in Saudi Arabia is the exact opposite of direct democracy.

Al jihaz company ltd Saudi Arabia?

Type your answer here... SMALL AND BURST CO. IN SAUDI ARABIA

What type of books are banned in Saudi Arabia?

Books that are deemed to be inappropriate for the culture of the Kingdom are banned in Saudi Arabia.

What type of govenrment does Saudi Arabia have?

Saudi Arabia is an absolute monarchy- the current King is Abdullah of the house of Saud.

Where is Mekka Mekka is in Saudi-Arabia.?

Mekka is in Saudi-Arabia Mekka is in Saudi-Arabia

Who is the leader of the whole of Saudi Arabia?

King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz..

Who was the leader of the Muslims?

Prophet Mohammud born in the current Saudi Arabia.

What type of legislature does Saudia Arabia have?

Saudi Arabia does not have a legislature as it is an absolute monarchy.

What type gecko live in Saudi Arabia?

This guy has lots of great photos of geckos in Saudi Arabia - See related link.

What type of political system does Saudi Arabia have?


What is the type of precipitation in Saudi Arabia?

Azizkhan mirzakhan

What type of flower represents Saudi Arabia?


What is the type government in Saudi Arabia?

An absolute monarchy

What are the roles of men is Saudi Arabia?

He is the head of the family. Provides for them and he is the leader of the family.

Current leader of Saudi Arabia?

King Abdullah bin Abdul-Aziz