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Adolf hitlor was a Autocratic leader and what that is, is pretty much my way or the high way. Adolf was like you follow my rules (my way) or you will be killed (the high way)

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What type of leadership style did Adolf Hitler have?

A top-down military command style for most purposes.

What style of leadership did Adolf Hitler use?


Who controlled Germany under the leadership of Adolf Hitler?

Hitler controlled Germany when he was the leader of Germany.

How did Adolf Hitler's leadership end?

It ended when Adolf Hitler committed suicide on 30 April 1945.

What type of government was Adolf Hitler?

Adolf Hitler was the leader of a dictatorship.A fascist dictatorship.

What leadership qualities does Adolf Hitler have?

AnswerHis charismatic oratory.His bravery.Honesty.

Who was anti-Communist and had Benito Mussolinis leadership style?

Adolf Hitler

Did Adolf Hitler have any leadership skills?

Obviously Go Google Blitzkreig

Why do you think so many people blindly followed or were brain washed by Adolf Hitler?

Adolf Hitler had charisma and great leadership skills. He was good at public speaking.

The ambitions of which German ruler lead to World War 2?

Adolf HitlerAdolf HitlerAdolf HitlerAdolf HitlerAdolf HitlerAdolf Hitler

What type of government did Adolf Hitler have?

ANSWER A dictatorship.

What leader of Germany followed von Hindenburg?

Before Hindenburgs death in 1933 he asked Adolf Hitler to become chancellor. Shortly after that Hitler gained a large portion of leadership in Germany. The answer to your question is Adolf Hitler.

Where can you find a picture of Adolf Hitler as a child?

Type in Google on your intermet then go on images then put in adolf Hitler as a child then you have your picture.

What type of car did Adolf Hitler commission?


What type of soldiers did adolf Hitler have?

Adolf Hitler amassed a large army in Germany and had many types of soldiers in various branches of the military.

Who was the leader of Germany during World War 2?

The leader of Germany during World War II was Adolf Hitler (April 20, 1889-April 30, 1945).Aldof HitlerAdolph Hitler.Adolf Hitler.Adolf Hitler, the leader of the Nazi Party.Adolf HitlerAdolf HittlerAdolf Hitler was the leader of Germany in World War II.Adolf Hitler.Adolf Schicklgruber (Adolf Hitler) he was the leader of Nazi Germany during the war

Who was the German dictator during World War 2?

Adolf HitlerAdolf HitlerAdolf Hitler

What did Adolf Hitler conquered?

He was an idiot!ADOLF HITLER

What is Adolf Hitler given name?

Adolf hitler.

What type of ruler was Adolf Hitler?

A national socialist dictator.

What type of men ran the Nazi party?

adolf Hitler

What type of political leader is Adolf Hitler?

A fascist dictator

What type of dog did Adolf Hitler own?

German Shepard

What type of government was Germany under Adolf Hitler?


What type of car did Adolf Hitler come up with?

The Volkswagon

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