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You need Professional General Liabilty Insurance.

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2008-02-27 07:46:24
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Q: What type of liability insurance does a self employed CPR instructor who goes to private residences and businesses in the Los Angeles California area to teach need?
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Does driving instructor insurance cover the student in case of an accident?

Driving instructor insurance is designed to protect both the instructor and the student in the event of a crash. For student driver companies, this specific insurance is required by the law.

What is the State Compensation Insurance Fund?

The State Compensation Insuranse Fund, or State Fund, is the biggest provider of insurance in California. Its purpose is to serve businesses in California as effeciently and as fairly priced as possible.

What auto insurance options are available in California?

There are many different insurance options available in California and many more places around the United States. In California, you could choose All State, Progressive, or GEICO. All of these auto insurance businesses offer you the best deals and help say you money.

What companies offer health insurance for small businesses?

Aetna is one insurance company which offers health insurance for small businesses. EHealth Insurance is another great source for finding cheap health insurance for small businesses.

If i have 2 residences which do i claim on my car insurance?

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Which companies in California offer fire protection insurance?

California Department of Insurance offers a very good, trustable insurance as well as Einhorn Insurance, California Home Insurance and Purves Insurance.

What insurance services does Hiscox insurance provide?

"Hiscox USA provides insurance services to businesses. This includes professional, property and specialty insurance for businesses that can either be purchased directly or through a broker."

What type of insurance is needed for businesses?

There is not a single type of insurance required for all businesses. The type of insurance you need to purchase depends on your industry and governmental regulations in your state.

What is average general liability insurance cost for CPR instructor?


Which insurance brokers offer services to small businesses?

Virtually all insurance brokers will offer insurance to small businesses. To name a few: Outsurance, Santam, Auckland insurance, Aon, Brokers Trust insurance and many more.

Are small businesses required to have insurance?

Small businesses are not actually required to supply insurance if they can't keep up with the sufficient amount required to have insurance. It is possible to have insurance if you do want to have your business backed up financially.

When was California Department of Insurance created?

California Department of Insurance was created in 1868.

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