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== == Ask the state of Tennesse, thru it's web site. Look for regulations and state licensing requirements. Unless you have current contacts with banks and loan companies, you won't do much business. The companies that have the work are NOT going to give it to an unknown start up. You should consider working for a established repo company for few years, to learn the business, and make some friends of your own in the banking and loan sectors.

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Q: What type of licensing and insurance is needed to start an automotive repossession business in the state of Tennessee?
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Tennessee life insurance pre licensing online courses?

There are lots of Insurance course online providers who offer exams and certifications at reasonable price. You can also check the Tennessee Department of Insurance' website or the Nation Insurance Producer Registry (NIPR) website to find online insurance course providers.

Does state of Tennessee require countersignature on insurance policies?

According to the 2011 "Licensing & Surplus Lines Laws" guidebook (written by David D. Thamann, JD, CPCU, ARM) Tennessee does not have an insurance countersignature requirement (see page 455).

What states require auto repossession licensing?

Texas, Oregon, Washington and others.

What insurance do you need to be a repossession agent?

Well you will never get any work if you are not insured, at least do not hold out for ford triad or anybody else , you might get title loan company's but almost all of them require their recovery agents to be insured. but there are no licensing requirements. police departments must be notified after the repossession and some require to notify them before hand

What is the national rule for legal history to get insurance claims licensing?

There is no national rules for any type of insurance licensing. Licensing is handled by the State in which you live and plan to work. The regulations of the State will govern licensing requirements. The best place to start is the Department of Insurance for your state. For full disclosure, I own and operate a small Independent Insurance Agency in Georgia and have for the past 22 years. I also worked for a direct writer for the 3 years before that.

What qualifications are needed to start a security company in Tennessee?

To Start a Security Company in Tennessee, log on to: Find out about licensing, insurance, bonding, contracts, proposals, business plans, websites, costing, hiring, marketing, management, procedures, networking etc...

Where can you take the Title Insurance Pre-licensing Course?

Information about licensed and approved pre-licensing course providers may be obtained through the office of the insurance regulator of each state.

What is insurance education?

If you want to pursue your career in selling insurance products or adjusting insurance claims, then you will need to take necessary exams to get licensed. Whether you are a graduate of a bachelor's degree that isn't related to insurance, you can still be an insurance agent or adjuster. Before you get licensed, you might take a preparatory course also known as insurance pre-licensing exam that will help you get ready for the actual licensing exam. But in some providers, they offer this preparatory course inside a licensing course package. Once you get prepared, you can now take an insurance licensing exam. After getting licensed then you are now required to take an insurance CE(Continuing Education) to retain your license and get updated with current trends and knowledge in insurance industry.

What license is required to sell health insurance in Texas?

For an Insurance agent who wish to sell insurance products (Life and Health or Property and Casualty) in Texas, you must take a Texas Insurance Licensing Exam to get your Life and Health or Property and Casualty insurance license. These two types of insurance have their own kind of license so if you want to sell both then you'll need to get two different licenses. By the way, aspiring insurance adjusters are only required to take a Property and Casualty insurance licensing exam in Texas(claim adjusters don't sell Life and Health insurance). Other than enrolling in a local school for your insurance licensing in Texas, you can also take Texas Insurance Licensing Online Exam or Texas Adjusters License Online Exam.

Do you need a license to sell aflac insurance?

You have to meet state requirements for life and health insurance licensing.

How do you get a license to sell life insurance in California?

You contact your CA department of insurance licensing department and ask them.

Do you need a license to sell Health insurance in Texas?

Yes you will need a license to sell in Texas. Insurance Agent Licensing is regulated by Texas Department of Insurance and other state departments. Each state departments has its own insurance agent licensing requirements and examination procedures. Texas Department of Insurance does not authorize pre-licensing coursework for both Life & Health and Property & Casualty licenses, however there is a mandatory requirement for the Insurance Agent license.

What is the pre-licensing requirement to become an insurance agent in California?

To become an insurance agent in CA, there is a pre-licensing requirement of 52 credit hours (including 12 credit hours of California Code and Ethics). Once you fulfill the state's pre-licensing requirement, you will be eligible to take the state insurance exam. The last step to obtain your insurance license would be to successfully pass the state insurance exam.

What are the Licensing requirements in Michigan for insurance agents?

Other than the basic requirements like fulfilling the licensing application and educational requirements, aspiring insurance agents are also required to take 20-40 hours of Insurance Pre-licensing Classes Online or in a local school. I do suggest that you should take an online licensing course instead of enrolling in a local school or classroom to prevent hassle. You just need an internet connection and a computer to take the pre-licensing course while in the convenience of your home or office.

How do you get a license to sell life insurance in Missouri?

Contact your state department of insurance licensing department and ask them what the requirements are.

How do you get an insurance sales license in the state of Texas?

Insurance licensing in Texas is regulated by the Texas Department of Insurance. Agents who want to get licensed to "sell, solicit, or negotiate" insurance in Texas should take a pre-licensing education course, sign up for the state licensing examination, and then, assuming they pass their exam, they will be able to apply to the state for their license. The whole licensing process usually takes at least a few weeks, usually a bit longer. Because most agents have the bad habit of not adequately preparing, first time pass rates on the licensing examination are usually not very spectacular.

What department in Tennessee is responsible for auto licensing and registration?

The Department of Transportion(DOT) does the auto licensing and you register your car through your local courthouse as well as your license plate.

How do you get your insurance license for Illinois?

You can probably check the website for the Department of Insurance for Illinois. It should have the requirements for licensing and the process as well.

If on probation can you sell insurance?

That will depend on what you are are probation for. Contact your states dept of insurance or their web page, to find the licensing requirements.

How do you get an insurance sales license in the state of Georgia?

Go to the state of GA department of insurance website and look up licensing.

How do you become a Life and Health insurance agent in Florida?

In order to become a L&H insurance agent in FL, you will have to complete a 40 Hour pre-licensing course prior to taking the State Insurance Licensing Examination. Once you complete the pre-license course and successfully pass the state insurance exam, you will get a L&H insurance license.

What is the Qualification needed for an insurance agent?

You must study for and pass the licensing exam.

Can you obtain a life insurance license after bankruptcy?

That will depend on the licensing regulations in your state.

Do you need a college degree to get a job at an insurance company?

A college degree is preferred but not mandatory to work for an insurance company. There are, however, licensing requirements which vary depending on where you live. You should look into your state's requirements for further licensing information.

How do you get a repossession license in AZ?

There is no licensing requirements to repossess cars in Arizona. The truck has to pass DPS inspection but that is it. So buy a truck and happy hunting.