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What type of lifestyle does an architect have?

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How much education is needed to become an architect?

What type of education do architect need?

What is the Aztec type of lifestyle?

what is the Aztec empire's lifestyle?

What type of noun is architect?

The noun "architect" is a singular, common, concrete noun; a word for a person.

What type of job uses geometry?


What type of artist was Michelangelo?

He was a sculptor, a painter and an architect.

What type of degree is needed for an architect?

you have to have a bachelors degree

What type of architect starts with the letter g?


What type of printer does an architect use?

Not a thermal printer..

How will you define your lifestyle?

Type your answer here... What is an inactive lifestyle as defined in the "Heart Attack

Heart disease is and example of which type of disease infections or lifestyle?

Lifestyle disease

What was the Mayans lifestyle?

type your answer here.........

What type of lifestyle will Mediterranean be?

Mediterranean is a healthy lifestyle. This is diet that will help a person loss weight.

What type of lifestyle did the Mongols have?

pastoral nomadic

What type of license does a architect need to successful complete the job?


What type of education do architect need?

i know u have to take drafting

What type of math does an architect use?

acrhitects use geometry and symmetry

What type of math is required to become a architect?

Typically calculus at the very least.

What type of lifestyle can a police officer have?

an exciting one.

What type of lifestyle did the Mongols live?

Pastoral nomadic.

What type of lifestyle do you desire?

Wealthy and i get everything i want

What calculus do you need to take to become an architect?

there is no type of specific math architects use, all the architect does is just design and adjust.....but geometry math is somewhat used.

Who was architect?

architect is a job

How does someone become an architect?

a person becomes an architect by becoming an architect

What is a Colonial Architect?

A colonial architect is some one who is colonial and is a architect!

Who was the architect of Tehri dam?

Devdov ,the russian Architect was the architect of Tehridam

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