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soap and water

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What kind of liquid cleans pennies the best?

The type of liquid that cleans pennies the most is acid from pop. If you get a glass of pop and put the pennies or penny in it for three days it will come clean heyy; it hurts me the most to noe that your with HER: ( but am jUst happy: ) that your happy:) so were COOL: )

What type of juice cleans pennies best?

i have to do a science project on that. i say orange juice

What type of liquid clean the pennies the best?


What type of liqued cleans pennies the best?

Vinegar cleans copper well, but I don't recommend cleaning rare or collectable coins as it will ruin the value.

How does apple juice clean pennies the best?

Because apple juice is a type of acid, therefore it cleans well.

What type of liquid would best clean a penny?

I know this sounds weird... but ketchup... the acid in the ketchup cleans the penny very well

What type of juice cleans a penny best?

lemon juice.(:

What is a good statement for what type of juice cleans penny best?

Tabasco sauce

Which toothpaste cleans your teeth the best?

I'm about to do a science project on this subject. This is the exact question I ask, which toothpate cleans your teeth the best? Well I'm about to find out. If I remember to say I'll "type" back. crest is the best

What is a good hypothesis for What type of juice cleans a penny the best?

If I test 5 different juices, which one will clean a penny the best

What is the best liquid for hardening metal?

This liquid is chosed according to each type of alloy.

What type of liquid do plants grow best in?


What type of liquid for celery has the best absorbency rate?


How any type of juice work?

how you know any type of juice work on pennies how you know any type of juice work on pennies

What type of toothpaste cleans teeth better?


What type of liquid is best for growing plants?

i think water is best for gatorade and chiken and dookey nice

What is a two liquid well type manometer?

What is a two liquid well type manometer is one of the three main types of manometers. This type is best applied to reading scales that are properly calibrated and in the right units.

Which Indian head pennies are worth more type 1 or type 2?

Type II

What type of money did the Tudors have?

pounds,pennies and shillings

What does ideal mean?

An ideal liquid is that type of liquid which is incompressible and which are non viscous, that type of liquid is called Ideal Liquid

What type of liquid is the best for plants?

water, plants need hydrogen and oxygen to use photosynthesis.

How dollars is 48 pounds of pennies?

86.88 today's type.

Which one is best lcd or tft?

TFT is a type of liquid crystal display so there is no difference between them.

What type of material does yeast raise best in?

Warm liquid to activate, then in warm dry place to rise.

How many different types of pennies are there in the US?

I have 5 different pennies sitting in front of my face so i believe there are 5 different types of pennies in the USA.the answer is there is only one type of penny in the USA.

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