Sierra Nevada

What type of mountain is is the Sierra Nevada mountains?


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The sierra Nevada mountains are block mountains

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What type of mountains are predominant in the Sierra Nevada range

sierra nevada appalachain mountains and rocky mountains

Granite makes mosy of the sierra Nevada mtns

The rocky mountain are folded mountains:)

The appalachain mountains are fold mountains

the type of mountain that explodes is mountain Everest

The State of Nevada.Nevada is a Spanish noun for "Snow fall". It is also an adjective to accompany a feminine noun, where it describes that noun to be (something) covered by snow. For example, if I say Sierra Nevada, where "sierra" is Spanish for a type of mountain range, I am saying that it is a mountain range covered by snow.In the case of the State of Nevada, the feminine noun likely became tacit over time.

The rocky mountains r fault-block mountains

The Andes Mountains are Folded Mountains.

The Appalachian mountains are a fold mountain.

The land form that a mountain is is a mountain.

The Himalayas are Fold Mountains

The Urals are fold mountains.

the type of land form is a mountain collage

what type of mountain is the alps in The alps are a range of mountains in Europe.

they are fold mountains

the type of mountain the Atlas Mountain range is Granite

The highest type of mountains are folds. Take Mount Everest for example. It is a fold mountain.

By 'type', I am asking for answers like fold mountains, you know from how they formed.

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