What type of number is usually used to identify the physician who provided each service on an insurance claim form?

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A) Social Security number
B) UPIN number
C) NPI number
D) State medical license number

answer is C NPi number
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What is required to submit insurance claims from a physicians office?

At a minimum.... Member ID . Group # . Claims Address . Phone # of Carrier . Electronic Payor ID (most large carriers have this) . Subscriber Information - Full Name, Date of Birth, SS# (for some carriers) . Patient Information - Full Name, Date of Birth, SS# (if carrier requires) . A copy ( Full Answer )

Identify that some types of electromagnetic radiationare used to provide information about our universe.?

There are a few types of telescopes that use types of EM radiation are: Radio Telescopes are a form of directional radio antenna used in radio astronomy. One can be found in Narrabri, NSW. Infrared telescopes are telescopes that use infrared light to detect celestial bodies. One may be found at ( Full Answer )

How does each level of government use tax money to provide goods and services to citizens?

If you Google Video search for "Federal Reserve" you will find that in 1913 the central bank of the USA is privately owned and answers to no one except themselves.. Through the years the US Federal debt has grown by the increase in the money supply.. The Fed deliberately causes the business econom ( Full Answer )

How does a HMO receive payment for the services its physicians provide?

An HMO is a prepaid group plan . Patients join the plan and pay monthly medical insurance premiums individually or through their employer. The physician renders service to the patient, and the patient usually pays a small co-payment and occasionally a deductible as required by the plan. Providers t ( Full Answer )

What types of insurance does Fortis Insurance provide?

Fortis insurance provides healthe insurance. They give free quotes and have a variety of health insurance packages that fit your preference. They offer individual health insurance as well as student insurance

What services does AXA insurance provide?

AXA insurance provides many different services that all come with a fee to keep you covered. Such services are health insurance, Investment, Pension & Life Insurance.

What is AIS Insurance and what service do they provide?

AIS stands for Auto Insurance Specialists. AIS is a service available to residents of California that provides insurance rate quotes from multiple companies to allow consumers to make the best and most cost effective choice for auto insurance.

What type form is used to file a claim in probate court?

You should visit the court and inquire. Most forms are standard for each court system and blank forms are available for free. You should visit the court and inquire. Most forms are standard for each court system and blank forms are available for free. You should visit the court and inquire. Most f ( Full Answer )

What services does Kit Car Insurance provide?

"Kit Car Insurance provides many different services for Kit Cars. They offer correct valuations, multi-car coverage, theft guaruntee, and milege discounts."

What insurance services does Hiscox insurance provide?

"Hiscox USA provides insurance services to businesses. This includes professional, property and specialty insurance for businesses that can either be purchased directly or through a broker."

When must the physician file health insurance claims?

To prevent fraud, i.e. to prevent you from filing a claim for say $100 and then getting the check and only giving $50 to the provider and pocketing the rest. Think about it, if you are paying health premiums, would you want somebody else to do that with your money?

What service do insurance agencies provide?

Insurance agencies protects against losses of various sorts depending on the coverage you have chosen. The losses covered can include natural disasters, illness, or the actions of other people or even yourself.

What are the services provided by the Tesco car insurance?

Tesco Car Insurance provides many services. A quote can be obtained for a standard or value policy. These policies include service such as coverage for an accident, for theft, and for fire, and a 24-hour accident hotline.

What services are provided by insurance consultants?

Insurance consultants provide audits and insurance assessments. They also provide enterprise risk management and ongoing risk management. They are not insurance agents looking to sell insurance. They are just there to give a person advice.

What services do dog groomers usually provide?

Dog groomers usually provide bathing, hair cutting and nail clipping.They are like our spas but for dogs to keep the clean and making them feel refresh.

What coverage does health insurance usually provide?

Health Insurance varies depending on the plan on which the purchaser has signed up for. Plans can include services such as: ambulance rides, hospital stays, doctor visits, prescriptions, crutches and more.

What services does Tradesman Insurance provide?

Tradesman Insurance offers versatile services to their customers, the prime of these being their newly introduced webinar. The webinar is a member-only exclusive which offers insight to how insurance works.

What types of insurance does RACQ Insurance provide?

RACQ provides different types of property insurance. Besides being one of the most popular providers of car insurance in Australia, they also will insure homes, trailers, boats, and contents of rental homes.

What types of services does Amica Insurance provide?

Amica offers insurance services. One can purchase auto insurance, home insurance or life insurance from them. They have a claim center facility and contact options in their website.

What services are provided by eBike Insurance?

eBike Insurance offers good value insurance specifically for motorbikes. It does not deal with any other type of vehicle and offers a standard policy for most bikes, and a classic policy for older bikes.

What types of insurance does Globelife provide?

Globe Life provides life insurance for adults and for children, disability insurance, and accidental death insurance. Globe Life is owned by the Torchmark Corporation.

What type of insurance does AMFAM provide?

AMFAM, which stands for American Family Insurance offers a variety of coverage to individuals and businesses. Examples of the types of insurance they sell are home, life, health, and auto.

What service does AutoOne Insurance provide?

AutoOne provides personal and commercial automobile assigned risk services. They also provide voluntary personal automobile insurance coverage through designated insurance brokers.

What services does Electric Insurance provide?

Electric Insurance offers six products and services: Home Insurance, Auto Insurance, Condo Insurance, Tenants Insurance, Umbrella Insurance and Personal Excess Liability - GE Employee Benefit.

What type of insurance does Arbella provide?

Arbella Insurance, based in New England, are a provider of Car, Motorcycle, Home, Personal Umbrella Liability and Business insurance. They aim to address the needs of the citizens of both Connecticut and Massachusetts.

What types of insurance do CIA provide?

Cia provides multiple different insurances, because people are different. One has to find the right kind of insurance to fit their own needs and wishes. Visiting a local office for a meeting is a good way to start.

What services does Franklin Insurance provide?

Franklin Insurance provides insurance plans for auto, home, business (commercial), and life. It also has a notary in case any customers need a document notarized.

What type of insurance does Amerigroup Insurance provide?

Amerigroup Insurance provides medicaid to over 2 million people in 11 states. To find out if you can be covered by Amerigroup as well as what states they operate in you can visit the My Amerigroup website.

What types of insurance does Evan Insurance provide?

eVan is a British online insurance company which provides both annual and pay-as-you-go monthly insurances for vans. eVan is part of a company called eGroup, which offers similar insurance services for example bikes (eBike), homes (eHome), and other cars than vans (eCar).

What services does Community Insurance provide?

Community Insurance provide a number of financial services. They provide general liability, auto liability and school board legal liability services. One can make claims online.

What services does Brentwood Insurance provide?

Brentwood Insurance provides insurance for a range of areas including reinsurance and third party administration. They also operate as an insurance brokerage.