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Excel can do any kind of spreadsheet, so the answer would be any kind of spreadsheet.

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Q: What type of of spreadsheet do you maintain in Microsoft Excel?
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Related questions

What type program is excel?

It is a Microsoft spreadsheet program.

What type of a database is Microsoft Excel?

Microsoft Excel is a spreadsheet application, not a database. It has the capability to make very simple databases, but doesn't have full database facilities.

When is Microsoft Excel applicable?

When you want to create any kind of spreadsheet, or do any type of numerical analysis and manipulation.

In which type of software are word processing and spreadsheet included?

Microsoft Office 2003 & 2007 (excel and word) to be exact.

What type of file you create with Microsoft Office Excel 2007 is called a database?

MS Excel is a spreadsheet program that creates files called workbooks.

What type of application is Excel?

Excel is a spreadsheet application.

What type of software is Microsoft Excel?

Microsoft Excel is an applications software mainly used for creating spreadsheets. It can also be used for creating charts and other diagrams and also databases.It is a spreadsheet program.

Write an essay on Microsoft Excel?

Microsoft excel is a spreadsheet program developed by Microsoft corporation. There are different version of Microsoft excel with the latest being Microsoft excel 2010 which is boundled with Microsoft office 2010. Microsoft excel contains basic features of which all the spreadsheet programs have. It has worksheets which are a grid of cells. The grid of cell is arranged in rows and columns with the rows being referred to with numbers and rows with alphabetical letters. Microsoft excel has many wonderful features to offer the small business user. Excel is mosyt widely known for its spreadsheet function, though it has numerous other uses. Spreadsheets are useful to any type of small business. For example, spreadsheet can be used as an accountant's ledger or a professor's grade book. Invoices and budgets can be prepaired with excel and one might use it to balance a checkbook as well.

What type of software would be best suited to help calculate a monthly budget?

A spreadsheet such as Microsoft Excel or Open Office Calc.

What type of file is xls?

It is a spreadsheet file format, and refers to the Microsoft Excel spreadsheet.For more information, see Related links below.

Differentiate Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Word?

Microsoft Excel is primarily a spreadsheet program for making sense out of numbers. Microsoft Word is primarily a program for writing documents with text and pictures. Depending on the size and type of the document, both programs can theoretically be used for each others' purposes.

Why is Excel called spreadsheet?

A spreadsheet is a large piece of paper which people write numbers in to do calculations. This can be long and tedious and if an error is made, you may have to start again. To help make this easier, the first electronic spreadsheet program, called VisiCalc, was invented in 1978. Excel is the name of Microsoft's spreadsheet program., which was first launched in 1985. Other companies also make spreadsheet programs. Excel is the name of the brand of the product, not the product itself. It is like there are lots of brands of cars, but they are all cars. Excel is a type of spreadsheet like Ford is a type of a car.

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