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SAE 10w30 is a good all around choice. Possibly 5w30 in extremely cold climates.


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The standard spark plug gap for a 99 Plymouth Breeze is between 0.035 and 0.040 inches. The specific gap varies based on the type of size of plug used.

In a 1997 Ford Aerostar : Refrigerant 134a is used

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Yes the word breeze can be a noun. It can also be used as a verb.

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There is a flange(part that the starter bolts to). looking at the front there are two bolts that hold on the starter, the lower one the bolt threads point to the right(driver side) the upper one the bolt threads point to the left(passenger side) i used an extension to get the bottom one out. hope this helps

Freon is R12. Your 1997 Chevy uses R134 Refrigerant.

Too the best of my knowledge, no. The 1991 used a sealed beam and the 1997 used a halogen type.

My reservoir label states the use of DOT 3 fluid only.

Sharper image ionic breeze is a type of air purifier. It is used for removing impurities from the air like pet dander, allergens or tar from cigarette smoke in order to provide the people around it with cleaner air.

A high mileage oil should be used.

The 1997 Ford Expedition Owner Guide shows Motorcraft MERCON automatic transmission fluid ( it should show the type used on the transmission dipstick )

Chrysler says 87-octane fuel is fine for the breeze, but premium can be used to increase +5hp, but not needed.

Your owner's manual will tell you what kind of oil to use and how much.

The type of automatic transmission fluid to use is stamped on the automatic transmission fluid dipstick according to the 1997 Ford Ranger owners manual

Coke breeze (metallurgy) is the undersized screenings of coke (usually less than 10 mm).During coke production the screening operation is where pieces and dust too small for steel making are removed. Coke breeze is either reused on site (e.g. in the sinter plant) or sold off site as a by-product. Coke breeze can used as the basis of a building material (e.g. "breeze blocks" or "cinder blocks") or used as an industrial boiler fuel.

use 10w 30 Added Actually, from the manual

They used dome shaped houses with openings used for breeze in the hot desert.

ionic breeze is a air purifier, and new ones usually cost between two hundred to two hundred fifty dollars.a used ionic breeze could cost thirty dollars.

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