What type of paint should you use on your bathroom walls?

  • The best paint to use is a semi-gloss, EXTERIOR latex house paint. Yes, exterior. The reason is that exterior house paint has fungicides added at the time of manufacture to prevent mold and mildew growth on the outside of your house. Since your bathroom happens to be a warm, wet environment perfect for the growth of these same life forms, exterior paint is perfect for bathrooms. It is a little more expensive than interior paint, but worth it in the long run.
  • Exterior paint has chemicals unsafe and unhealthy specially for enclosed or small rooms like a bathroom, they are specific for exterior use. there are excellent interior paint specifically design for bathrooms and kitchens that are durable and already come with mildewcides. Or you can try Kilz primer, with anti mildew and fungus chemicals and paint with semi-gloss enamel paint. You may also use semi-gloss latex based which will give you decent results.
  • You can use an interior latex paint and have your retailer add "mildew inhibitor" to it. It comes in a small rectangular package and is usually sitting right in front of you at the check-out counter. There is an up-charge for it but it's minimal. The paint finish should be nothing less than eggshell, satin is better. Also, there are paints manufactured just for bathrooms (the inhibitor is already in the paint). I would not suggest using melamine or exterior paint for this project.
  • Use Kitchen and Bath paint, which has mold inhibitors in it like exterior paint, but will dry like interior paint. It's also got a unique sheen to it that is easy to clean.
  • Do not use exterior paint! You need to get a paint that is mildew and mold and moisture resistant. Go to Sherwin-Williams and ask for either Bath Paint which comes in a satin or semi-gloss finish. Or your best bet is Duration Home which is all of the above and comes in Matte, Satin and semi-gloss and can be made in thousands of colors.