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What type of painter was Diego rivera?

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he was somebody who did paintings with mural and his work was baced in his culture

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Who was Diego rivera?

a painter

Who was Diego rivera and what did he do?

He was a mexican painter and he painted.

What are Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera famous for?

Frida Kahlo is a painter and she married Diego Rivera who painted murals.

Who was a famous Mexican mural painter?

Diego Rivera was one.

Who was the famous muralist of the 1920s?

Diego Rivera, Mexican painter.

Who was the husband of frida kahlo?

Diego Rivera, he was also a painter.

Who is a famous Mexican painter known for his murals?

Diego rivera

What type of painter was Diego Velazquez?

The type of painter Diego Velazquez was Baroque.

What were Diego Rivera's artistic periods?

Diego Rivera is considered the greatest Mexican painter of the twentieth century.

What are three characteristics of Diego Rivera?

Communist, famous mural painter, womanizer.

What does Diego rivera mean?

He was a socialist Mexican painter of murals (1886-1957).

Who married Mexican painter Diego rivera?

That would be Mexican painter Frida Kahlo

Did Diego Rivera use folk art?

As a professional painter his work is not classified as Folk Art.

Who was Diego rivera politically and professionally?

A Mexican painter, mainly a muralist, of strong Communist conviction.

What does 'La Molendera' a painting by Diego Rivera mean?

La Molendera (the term is also Molinera) means: The Grinder and the title refers to a painting by the Mexican painter, Diego Rivera.

When did Diego rivera become an artist?

so when diego was born, he was artsy, but one day he was like i wanna be a famous painter so he did. the end.

Who is Diego Rivera?

Diego Rivera is a artist.

Where was Diego rivera from?

Diego Rivera is from Guanajuato, Mexico

What type of art did Diego Rivera create?

he worked with murals

What was the type of art Diego Rivera did?

dont no. please research

Where did Diego Rivera live for most of his life?

Famous muralist and political radical, Diego Rivera lived most of his life in his homeland of Mexico. He was husband and mentor to fellow Mexican painter Frida Kahlo, who was famous for her self-portraits.

Which Mexican female painter was the wife of Diego rivera?

Frida Kahlo (July 6, 1907 - July 13, 1954).

What type of painting was Diego Rivera famous for?

Diego Rivera was a Mexican artist and political radical. He was a loud and proud Communist who made bold and unapologetic statements through his use of mural painting. He was the one-time husband to fellow painter Frida Kahlo who was both lover and protoge and famous for her self-portraits.

Diego Rivera and his wife Frida Kahlo are famous Mexican?

how did Diego rivera come famoushow did Diego rivera come famous

Who was Mexican artist Frida Kahlo's husband and why is he also famous?

Her husband was Diego Rivera and he was famous because he as well was a famous painter.

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