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What type of people were the Pilgrims?

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mainly protestants fleeign persecution in england the cool sweet people

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Who were the type of people to settle in new England?

pilgrims and people from England

What type of people would have been pilgrims?

They would be very religious people.

What type of people were pilgrims and why?

Pilgrims of any religion in the world , have changed their ways and have become religious so they go on pilgrimages to shrines.

What type of people would be in the pilgrim?

Pilgrims are people who travel to holy places for religious purposes.

What type of people live in the New England colonies?

-Puritans -Pilgrims -Native Americans -English

Which people arrive first pilgrims or Quakers?


What kind of people are pilgrims and what are there reasons for going?

People who are pilgrims are people that are going on a spiritual journeys, a pilgrimage.

Who were the 3 types of pilgrims?

Pilgrims are people that take pilgrimages, so therefore there are no types of pilgrims.

Who did the pilgrims eat with?

the pilgrims ate with Indians and other people.

What type of government did the pilgrims have?


How many pilgrims were on the ship?

Out of the 104 people on the Mayflower 64 were Pilgrims.

Out of all the people in the Mayflower how many were pilgrims?

102 (all of the pilgrims)

What types of people would have been pilgrims and what were their reasons for?

Pilgrims are people who leave their home to find religious freedom. Pilgrims would be people who are not allowed to openly practice their religion in their current home.

Why the pilgrims had a spcial celebration?

it was a type of culture that they did

What type of freedom did the pilgrims come for?


What type of settlers came to Jamestown?


What were medieval pilgrims?

Medieval pilgrims were people who went on journeys or trips to distant places of religious importance. Such trips were called pilgrimages and people who go on a pilgrimage are called pilgrims.

Who founded the pilgrims?

The Pilgrims were a group of people. You can't found a people. I'm assuming you meant "What" and not "Who," so the answer is Plymouth Colony.

What kind of people would have been pilgrims?

The pilgrims were Puritans, which is a denomination of Protestant Christianity.

Who were the Pilgrims in the Middle Ages?

Pilgrims in the middle ages were people who traveled from church to church.

Were the pilgrims immigrants?

No, they are not immigrants. The pilgrims are early settlers. Immigrants are people that are alive today.

Where the pilgrims called separatists?

No, but the people that tried to attack the pilgrims were called sith loards

Who founded Massachusetts the Pilgrims or Puritans?

Pilgrims were Separatists. They were a type of Puritans. The Pilgrims settled Plymouth Colony. The Puritans settled Massachusetts Bay Colony.

What is a type of squash first grown by the pilgrims?


What do pilgrims harvest?

people... and they eat them