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What is a contour interval

What is the main type of energy used to help convert metamorphic rocks into igneous rocks in the rock cycle

What problem is caused by maps being two-dimensional

When cartographers represent the three-dimensional Earth in two dimensions what is likely to occur

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Q: What type of projection conical or cylindrical would show least distortion of central Africa?
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What are the 3 types of map projections?

1. Cylindrical Map Projection 2. Conical Map Projcetion 3. Azimuthal Map Projection

Is the trumpet conical or cylindrical?

Trumpets are cylindrical brass instruments. The tubing is 2/3 cylindrical, and 1/3 conical. The conical equivalent of the trumpet is the cornet, being 2/3 conical, and 1/3 cylindrical.

Is the bassoon is a cylindrical instrament?

Nope, it's conical.

Is the french horn conical or cylindrical?

Over all, it's cylindrical. The whole horn is shaped more like a circle than anything else. However, the bell by its self is conical.

What is a comical flask?

The correct spelling is conical flask. A conical flask is a type of flask that is used in laboratories. They have a conical body, flat bottom, and cylindrical neck.

What is Lambert projections?

It is a conical projection of the earth used for aeronautical charts

Is a tuba cylindrical or conical?

it is a mixture of both because its shape is rounded and twirled up.

Which projection would easily be best for visualizing populations in one part of the world?


Which term refers to the small conical projection are long the wall of the renal sinus of a kidney?


What is modiolus?

the conical central axis of the cochlea of the ear.

Which projection would be best for easily visualizing populations in one part of the world?


The definition of conical flask?

A type of laboratory flask which features a flat bottom, a conical body, and a cylindrical neck. It is named after the German chemist Emil Erlenmeyer (1825-1909), who created it in 1860.

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