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What type of psychology pays the best?

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Type of psychology?

type of psychology

Which wave of psychology does Gestalt psychology belongs to?

Gestalt psychology is a type of Humanistic-Existentialist psychology.

Contemporary psychology is best defined as the science of?

Contemporary psychology is best defined as the science of

What type of psychology explores the effects of different groups on their members?

social psychology

What type of engineering pays the best?

Chemical Engineering pays the highest salaries coming out of University, but if one decides to do Industrial/Management Engineering and tries to get their MBA, they are seeing a six figure salary with ease.

What is the relationship of psychology and sciences?

psychology is a type of science. psychology is the study of the mind. many scientists say psychology is separate but it's still a form of science

What is the best definition of psychology?

PSYCHOLOGY: The study of the mind and mental processes, especially in relation to behaviour is called Psychology.

What is it called when a psychology major chooses to focus on forensic psychology?

Type your answer here... Specialization

What career pays best?


What type of psychology performes tests that assist in academic learning and behavior problems?

Developmental psychology Sources: I'm taking Psychology

What type of indeminty insurance pays for hospital room and baord?

There is a particular type of insurance which pays for your hospital bill and hospitalization expenses. It is called mediclaim.

What is pseudo psychology in psychology?

Pseudo psychology is a type of psychology which deals with nontraditional sciences. Examples of pseudo psych are birth order relating to personalities, horoscopes, and psychic powers.

What is steadiness in psychology?

Type your answer here... Steadiness is the fine motor function in collaboration with cognitive psychology

Which type of psychology uses behavioral principles to promote health and prevent illness?

Health psychology

Which online universities offer the best psychology courses? has a great psychology course.

What schools are best known for their Psychology program?

Many online and physical school locations are best know for the Psychology program. University of Phoenix, Kaplan, Walden, Ashford, and Capella are some of the universities best know for the program of psychology.

What type of psychology helps humans?


What computer company pays the best?


what would be the best school to earn a clinical psychology degree?

If it is to study clinical psychology, it is more advisable to study first psychology generally, and then have the domain psychology degree, go to clinical psychology and with knowledge on the subject

How is science used in psychology?

Psychology creates and tests hypotheses like any other type of science.

What college is best known for its Psychology classes?

Stanford University is a college that is best known for its psychology classes. The Stanford Prison Experiment was conducted there.

What type of annuity pays you a flat interest rate?

A tax deferred fixed annuity pays a flat interest rate.

What is the fastest trade to learn that pays the best?

welding it pays really good an you are only in school for seven months

Which type of psychology examines internal mental processes?

Introspection (or internal perception) is the self-examination of one's ... Inpsychology,

Your friend tells you she is going to enroll n a graduate school to study the largest specialty area of psychology. what type of psychology program is she entering?

Clinical Psychology

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