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Well if you don't have any questions you should not feel you have to ask a question. It will not count against you. Generally you should ask questions that show your interest in the job, company and training.

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2013-08-05 16:28:12
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Q: What type of questions should an internship interviewee ask the interviewer?
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How does an interviwee Ask interviewer quesions how?

The interviewee should ask questions that indicate that he or she has been listening. Do not ask about payment during the first interview with any employer.

Are there any questions that an interviewer should not ask you What are they Why should not they be asked What should you say?


What questions should I ask during internship interviews?

Who is your daddy and what does he do?

What questions should an interviewee ask?

What are some measurements of success in this position?

Should an interviewee ask questions during the interview What kind of questions are appropriate What questions are not appropriate?

What are the salary and benefits of the job?

What are the questions that an interviewer should not ask you?

Questions regarding age, race, religion, sexual preference and political parties should not be asked.

Should you call your interviewer if they ask you after the interview to call back if you have any further questions?

If you have questions call. If not don't.

What concerns should the interviewer have when interviewing a person with a disability?

Chief among them would be that, regardless of the interviewee's physical or mental limitations, are they otherwise qualified to perform the job that they are interviewing for.

Is there a limit on questions that should be ask to the interviewer?

No not really. But of course you don't want to ask too many.

How should you answer desired salary questions in an interview?

start high, more than you think you are worth, then let the interviewer negotiate down

What are the 3 phases of an effective interview?

The opening phase, the question-response phase, and the closing phase. The opening phase includes rapport, orientation and motivation part of the interview. During the opening phase is to build a comfortable feeling with the interviewee, to give the interviewee a clear overall view of the interview and to montivate the interviewee to give straightforward, complete answers. The question-response phase is the heart of the interview and used for both the interviewee and the interviewer to ask and respond to any questions. The closing phase is the end of the interview where you should summarize the major points of the interview and any conclusions reached. The closing phase gives both parties the the chance to ask any final questions if they feel something was misunderstood or not discussed.

What questions for an interview?

I believe in non-biase questions during interviews. These are quetsions that are governed by norm or culture, those questions that are gender sensitive or very argumentative questions. I think interview questions should be ablout the qualifications and committment of the interviewee and how well he knows his or her craft or profession.

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