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What type of seal lives in antarctica?


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The Southern Elephant seal, Crabeater seal, Weddell seal, Leopard seal and Ross seal.


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The Elephant seal lives in Antarctica.

a fur seal lives in antarctica.

Yes, they are a type of seal and also the second largest seal of Antarctica

There are no foxes in Antarctica.

The elephant seal is the largest carnivore on Earth. There are two types of elephant seals: Northern elephant seal and Southern elephant seal. The Southern elephant seal lives in sub-Antarctic and Antarctic waters. The Northern elephant seal lives near California and Baja California.

No wildlife 'lives' on the shores of Antarctica, but many sea birds and sea mammals visit its beaches to breed.

The elephant seal is the southern most seal.

There are quite a few different types of seals in Antarctica, such as the Weddell seal, the Crab-eater Seal, leopard seal and the Elephant Seal.

The Ross Seal is found in Antarctica.

No penguin lives in Antarctica. Penguins are sea birds and live at sea. However, Emperor and Adelie penguins come to Antarctica's beaches to breed.

No one lives permanently in Antarctica.

There is no evidence that any kind of seal that lives in the waters around Antarctica is becoming extinct, and in fact, are all listed as of 'least concern' on lists of endangered animals.

A polar bear is a type of bear, unique to the Arctic. There are no animals in Antarctica.

Yes. Leopard seals and Weddell seals eat krill, which form the base of the food chain in Antarctica.

they live in Antarctica

species of seal in Antarctica

a seal that lives in the Antarctic

leopard seal, crabeater seal, elephant seal - live in the Antartica.

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A poo seal is very big its like an inch long and is poo seal hhahaha real

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No, but there is lots of Ice!

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