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What type of soil makes plants grow faster?


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The type of soil that makes plants grow faster is known as loam soil. Sandy and clay soil lack the capability of supporting proper growth of plants.

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The kind of soil that makes plants grow faster is known as loam soil. Sandy and clay soil do not promote proper development and growth of plants as they lack essential nutrients for the growth of plants.

because the plants don't grow very much. Plants usually grow faster in regular soil.

I think manure helps plants grow faster due to nutrients and nitrates.

Loamy soil makes plants grow faster. The soil in question models the best situations in terms of drainage, infiltration and percolation of moisture so that air and water pore spaces do not get clogged. Loamy soil also serves as the model for optimal delivery of nutrients and support for food chains and webs.

plants will grow in coffee grinds as long as it is mixed with soil

scientist Anthony J. Suero says: plants grow faster in soil because if its in water it will drown out causing the plant to die. if its in soil it will live healthy on nutrition and herbs

yes plants do grow better and faster if fertilizer is used instead of plain old soil from the ground.

i think mung beans grow faster in soil rather in water

Sand has no nutrients and vitamin C but soil does.

soil. that's where all the essential nutrients are located.

Because there is more nutrients in soil rather than dirt

It depends on the care and nutrients they are receiving, but if both are under similar conditions, aquaponics generally grow plants faster.

what makes plants grow is the sun light and and the rich soil and the rain, also what keeps them growing is photosynthesis.

I think it depends on what plants you are talking about because some rice plants grow best in flooded land but a lot of plants will die with out soil.

Because, in soil it will get moist from the humidity and will sprout. Stella Lardines

loam because loam consist of minerals that are needed by the plants to grow healthy.

It will affect the chemical content in the soil because it helps determine which plants will grow faster. Also the types of plants that grow in an ecosystem depends if it's a fertile soil, it will nutrient and help the plants thrive. :)

the ash of the volcano gives fertile soil which makes the nature plants grow faster so its good for farmers.

Soil because it has vitamins and nutrients that help the plant to make it grow faster. plus it keeps water and sunlight better than sand.yeah

They will germinate faster in water, but will grow faster in soil.

I can't tell you. it's a secret.plants will grow in coffee grinds as long as it is mixed with soil

it doesn't damage the soil if you put it in the soil then it makes the plants grow quicker

1.Soil makes food for animals for them to eat.2.Plants makes oxygen for us and soil help plants grow.

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