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Q: What type of surface will reflect the greatest amount of insolation?
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Which letter represents the surface that most likely absorbs the greatest amount of insolation?


Which paint should be used on the absorber plate if it is designed to absorb the greatest possible amount of insolation?

black paint

How do aerosol particles affect insolation?

They scatter sunlight, reducing the amount that reaches the surface as direct radiation (increasing the amount that reaches as diffuse).

Which change would cause a decrease in the amount of insolation absorbed at Earths surface?

hmm. maybe you should pay attentin in school(:

The amount of the suns energy that reaches earth at a given time and place is?


What is insolators?

Insolation is a measurement of the solar radiation received by a surface over a unit time. It is an abbreviation for "incoming solar radiation."the amount of sunlight that reaches a planet.

What is the property of color concerned with the amount of light a surface reflects or doesn't reflect?


What is the technical term for the amount of warmth and light from the sun?


Which atmospheric condition will cause the greatest amount of evaporation from the surface of a lake?

Dry, Hot, Windy weather will cause the greatest amount. hope this helped :)

What greatest factors in the atmosphere seem to have the greatest effect on the amount of radiation received from the sun?

The ozone layer has the greatest effect on the amount of ultraviolet radiation received at the earth's surface from the Sun. Cloud formation and atmospheric thickness, in combination with solar angle, have the greatest effect on the amount of visible and infrared radiation received at the earth's surface from the sun

Which type of land surface will most likely absorb the greatest amount of incoming radiation?

Rough,light colored surface

Which of the following processes involves the greatest amount of water loss from the earth's surface?