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It's often called ...The 'electoral college system'. It contrasts with ordinary elections where candidates are elected by ordinary voters, that is ordinary citizens. The use of the 'electoral college system' is rare. It tends to be used in cases where those who drew up the electoral laws didn't quite trust ordinary citizens. For example, the President of the Federal Republic of Germany is elected by an electoral college. When the constitution was drawn up in 1949 some safeguards were included to ensure that the country didn't have a directly elected 'supremo' or anything along those lines ... :)


The electoral college is an example of representative democracy.

The Constitution provides for election of a president by the people in the states. The states all had very different voting laws. Free blacks could vote in New York, women could vote in New Jersey.

In Connecticut, Congregationalists could vote but Episcopalians could not. In South Carolina, Episcopalians could vote but Congregationalists could not. The Constitution did require that the most voters allowed to vote in each state should be the voters for the Representative in the House of Representatives. The differences meant that early on, republican elements would be emphasized.

But linking the electoral vote to the representation in the House (plus two for senators) meant that over time, the power to elect the president would follow the people, and not be tied to heritage or wealth or power.

Indirect democracy.

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Q: What type of system is the electoral college?
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They assumed that the electoral college would vote with their own judgment and beliefs.

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It wasn't abandoned. The electoral college system is the method employed by the US for presidential elections today.

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The Electoral College system was established in Article II of the Constitution and amended by the 12th Amendment in 1804.

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it is a type of voting system that limits citizens voting rights dont that stink

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