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Connective tissue.

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Is torn tissue the same as torn ligament?

Ligament is a type of body tissue, but not the only type. Muscles, for example, can also get torn.

What type of connective tissue is a torn ligament?

Areolar tissue

What type of tissue makes up a ligament?

Dense connective tissue

What type of tissue connects two bones?


What does the ligament do for your bones?

A ligament is a type of connective tissue. It joins two different bones in an animal body.

What role does the ligament have in the chicken wing?

Ligament is the type of connective tissue that connects bones to other bones.

What type of Tissue that connects a muscle to a bone is called?


Describe the tissue type and function of the ligament?

Josh broadway

Why is dense irregular connective tissue not the type found in tendons and ligaments?

Dense irregular connective tissue are not the type found in tendon and ligament because tendon and ligament type of connective tissue binds bones tightly to other bones in one direction and dense irregular connective tissue are not necessarily binding tissues..

What type of tissue is found in ligament?

Hi there, The elastic connective tissue is on most of your ligaments in your body. Hope this helped. Alex

What in the body is tough elastic tissue?

A ligament is a type of tough elastic tissue. It is white and fibrous and connects one bone to another.

Is a ligament a muscle or a bone?

A ligament is not muscle or bone, it is connective tissue.

What is the tissue in ligament?

parts of collagen and elastins and fibrous tissue

Is the ligament an organ or a tissue?


What do ligaments do in the body?

A ligament is a special type of fibrous tissue that connects one bone to another bone.

What is a periodontal ligament?

Periodontal ligament is the connective tissue that anchors the teeth to the jaw bone.

What tissue attaches bones to bones?


What is fibrous tissue that connects bones?


What tissue connects the bone to the bone?

it is the ligament

What is a joint and a ligament?

A joint is where two bones meet and ligament is the connective tissue that connects bone to bone.

What type of injury is it when a ligament is torn?

A torn ligament

Fibrous tissue connects bone to bone?


Connective tissue that connects the bones in a joint?


What kind of tissue holds bones together?

Ligament .

If you sprain your ankle what bone tissue are you damaging?

your ligament

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