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Vascular. Transports Water, Food, Hormones, and Minerals

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What type of tissue are xylem and phloem?

Plant transport tissues. Xylem transports water, Phloem transports nutrients (such as sugar).

In a plant what type of tissue is responsible for transporting water and nutrients?

The Xylem tissue transports water and nutrients from the roots up through the plant. Xylem tissue is a sap.

The type of tissue that carries food and water through a plant?

The type of tissue that carries food and water through a plant is called vessil tissue.

What is the type of plant tissue that is the region for active cell division known as?

The type of plant tissue that is the region for active cell division is known as the meristematic tissue.

What type of plant cell is the transporter?

it is the one that transports all different cells to the different parts of the plant

What type of plant cell would you find in the photosynthetic tissue of a leaf?

what type of plant cell would you expect to find in the photosynthetic tissue of a leaf?

What type of materials does blood transport?

Blood transports many different kinds of materials. Most importantly, it transports oxygen to every corner of the body. It also transports nutrients throughout the body. It transports carbon dioxide to the heart, where the carbon dioxide is processed to the lungs and breathed out. Blood can also transmit certain diseases.

The tissue that carries food to all parts of the plant is?

it's called the phloem. the tissue type is meristematic tissue.

What tissues are in the plant and what do they do?

Type of TissueFunctionMeristematicUnspecialized plant stem cellsEpidermalOuter protective layerGroundIn stem: provides strength and support, in roots: storage, in leaves: photosynthesisVascularXylem moves substances from roots to leaves, phloem transports sugars to rest of plant

How can xylem be used in a sentence?

Xylem is a type of plant tissue.

What type of plant cells have chloroplast?

Place in plants where chloroplast is found is a permanent tissue called chlorenchyma which is a type of parenchymatous tissue.

In what type of materials do bean plant grow better?

in what of materials do beans grow the best

What are three main types of tissue in vascular plants?

The three types of plant tissue are dermal, vascular, and ground.The function of dermal tissue is to cover the outer surface of the plant to protect it from physical damage as well as possible pathogens. The cuticle, a component of leaves and stems, also prevents water loss. The epidermis, another type of dermal tissue, is specialized based on the organ it is located on.Vascular tissue is made up of xylem and phloem - combined, the purpose of vascular tissue is to transport materials (water and nutrients) around the plant. As previously mentioned, xylem transport water and its dissolved nutrients through the plant whereas phloem carry organic nutrients known as photosynthate (products of photosynthesis), such as sucrose, to all the parts of the plant where such organic material is needed.Ground tissue is the tissue that is neither dermal nor vascular. Its purpose is to store materials, photosynthesize, and support the plant.

3 things vascular tissue does in a plant?

1. The thick walls of the cells in the vascular tissue help to support the plant 2. One type of vascular tissue is phloem, which carries food. 3. Another type of vascular tissue is xylem, which absorbs water and minerals from the soil

What are the type of plant tissue?

there are 4 types of plant tissues vascular, ground,dermal and merisetematic tissues

An example of xylem tissue is?

Xylem tissue is a type of plant tissue, used for the transportation of water and nutrients up from the roots. The simplest example of xylem tissue is wood.

What is vascular tissue?

The vascular tissue system is one of three tissue systems that make up a plant, the other two tissue systems or ground and dermal, with dermal tissue being the outer layer and the ground tissue making up most of the inside of a plant. Vascular tissue is surrounded by ground tissue, but vascular tissue doesn't make up much of the inside of a plant, this is because vascular tissue transports water, mineral nutrient , and organic compounds, to all parts of a plant. Plants don't depend entirely on the vascular tissue system for transportation, the plants themselves can transport any necessary fluids and/or nutrients throughout their systems. A plant's vascular system is composed of two networks of hollow tubes, similar to our veins and arteries. Each network consists of a different type of vascular tissue that works to move different resources throughout the plant. These vascular tissues would be the tissues known as xylem and phloem.

What is a characteristic of the photosynthetic?

photosythensis is a type of tissue that give green plant energy.

Are all materials made up of elements?

Type your answer here... Yes and combined tissue paper

What type of vascular tissue moves material from the roots to other parts of a plant?

That vascular material ( actually tissue ) is called xylem.

What type of tissue connects all parts of a plant allowing for nutrients and water to flow through the plant?

That is the vascular tissue. Xylem conducts water and minerals up from the roots to the leaves of the plant and phloem conducts the sugars made in the plant to where they are needed.

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