What type of tractor was used on the television show 'Green Acres'?

On the show, his tractor was a Hoyt-Clagwell. In reality though, his tractor was a Fordson model "F" built from 1917-1926 . This was the first actual tractor built and sold by Henry Ford (Ford Motor Company). It was named "Fordson" because there was already a guy building a tractor called FORD so they couldn't use FORD legally. Ford Motor company was a sponsor of the show, thus his car being a Lincoln, Haney's truck a Model "T",and the Fordson. If you remember the show when Lisa bought Oliver a new tractor, the tractor dealer had all Fords, and I believe the tractor she picked was a Ford 6000 diesel. These were built from 1961-1967. The other tractor used at the beginning of the show start was a John Deere "GP" tractor. The "GP" stood for General Purpose,and these were produced from 1928-1935. The McCormick-Deering tractors were #1 in popularity back when these tractors were built, and John Deere was second in line. The three companies engaged in price battles for sales dominance, in which McCormick-Deering came out on to with Deere second, and Ford finally dropped production of the Fordson "F" in retreat. I would guess that the "GP" was his liking, but because of Ford's sponsorship, the Fordson was a requirement.