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shield volcanoes

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What type of rocks are found in Hawaii Volcanoes National Park?

black ones

What type are The big volcanoes of Hawaii?

super volcanoes.

Where are shield volcanoes found?

they say there are some in hawaii

Volcanos in Hawaii?

There are five active volcanoes found in Hawaii. These volcanoes are Loihi, Kilauea. Mauna Loa, Hualalai, as well as Haleakala.

What type of island is Hawaii?

It is a chain of Shield Volcanoes.

What type of volcanoes are found in Venus?

The volcanoes found on Venus are shield volcanoes which are still active

What type of earthquake occur in Hawaii?

Usually, the kinds of earthquakes that occur in Hawaii are generated by volcanoes.

Where is major volcanoes?

Major volcanoes are located in Hawaii, Washington, Oregon, and Alaska. In addition, major volcanoes can be found in Asia and Africa.

Where are volcanoes least likely to be found?

They are least likely to be found in Hawaii. It sounds weird, but Hawaii is not warm enough, neither is Florida.

Why are there lots of volcanoes in Hawaii?

Hawaii was MADE by volcanoes.

Where are moderate volcanoes found?

Around the ring of fire and maybe hawaii

Why is Hawaii known for volcanoes?

Hawaii was made by volcanoes and has a lat of them

What type of volcanoes mostly make up the island of Hawaii?


Why is a volcano a problem?

Volcanoes are a BIG PROBLEM ! Because volcanoes can kill people, blow up, and hot hot hot lava goes everywhere. Volcanoes are usually found on the island of Hawaii . Hawaii is most known for volcanoes. Volcanoes can erupt, and destroy places .

Where are volcanoes with iron-rich rocks found?

on the islands of Hawaii and iceland.

One type submerged basaltic volcanoes more than 1 kilometer high are called?

Basalt volcanoes are referred to as shield volcanoes. Volcanoes of this type include Mauna Loa and Kilauea, both in Hawaii.

What countries can shield volcanoes be found in?

I know that Hawaii is made up of shield volcanoes, so the answer to your question would be U.S.A.

Does Hawaii and Nevada have active Volcanoes?

No. Hawaii has active volcanoes but Nevada does not. Nevada does have inactive volcanoes, however.

What type of landforms have been created in Hawaii because of plate movement?


Are there any volcanoes in Rhode Island?

Most active volcanoes are found in different places like Hawaii , Washington, Ireland or even japan. Most extinct volcanoes are found in Eurasia but different parts .

Is it true that Hawaii is made out of volcanoes?

some of Hawaii is made of volcanoes. but not all of it

Is there many volcanoes in Hawaii?

There are 3 active volcanoes in Hawaii right now.

When was Hawaii Volcanoes Wilderness created?

Hawaii Volcanoes Wilderness was created in 1978.

What type of volcanoes are in Hawaii?

Shield volcanoes like Kilauea, Mauna Kea and Mauna Loa as well as cinder-cone volcanoes like Pu'u 'O'o.

Where are active volcanoes found in the united states?

Alaska, Hawaii, and the northern continental states