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A mechanical wave is a wave that uses a medium to travel. Without a medium, it would not be able to go anywhere.

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What type of wave is a surface wave?

It is a type of mechanical wave known as a seismic wave.

A type of wave?

Mechanical wave, Surface wave, Transitional wave.

What wave type is a sound wave?

Longitudinal mechanical.

What is the name of the mechanical wave that sound propagates with?

Sound propagates through a longitudinal wave, a type of mechanical wave.

What type of s mechanical wave is a sound wave?

sound wave is a longitudinal wave

Is sound a type of electromagnetic wave?

No. Sound is a mechanical wave, not an EM wave.

What is a type of mechnical wave?

Mechanical Wave A wave that requires a medium thought which to travel.

What type of wave can travel through a medium?

A mechanical wave (e.g. sound).

What is pulse mechanical or electromagnetic?

A pulse is a short wave. It can be any type of wave.

Which is a type of mechanical wave?

Longitudinal and transverse are both

Which type of wave is not electromagnetic?

Longitudinal wave is not electromagnetic. Sound wave is an example. Sound waves are mechanical waves. Mechanical waves badly need a material medium

is An electromagnetic wave is a mechanical wave/true or false?

an electromagnetic wave is not a mechanical wave

What is a non mechanical wave?

It is a wave or transfer of energy that does not require a physical medium. The only type of non-mechanical wave known is electromagnetic. non-mechanical waves are composed of electric waves and magnetic waves.

What vibrations travel through the earth?

A specific type of mechanical wave known as a seismic wave.

Is a tidal wave a mechanical wave?

A tidal wave is a water wave so it is a mechanical wave.

Is a ultraviolet wave a mechanical wave?

A mechanical wave is describing something in motion and has a force to do something. An ultra violet is a type of radiation that increases melnin in the skin. Hope this helped!! :p

What kind of wave is sound wave?

Mechanical WaveLongitudinal WavePressure Wavesound wave is a longitudinal mechanical wave.answer: B. compression C. longitudinal D. mechanical

Is a gamma wave a mechanical wave?

No, a gamma wave is not a mechanical wave. The gamma ray is considered an electromagnetic wave.

Is an ocean wave a mechanical wave?

Yes, an ocean wave is a mechanical wave, since the water is the medium of the wave.

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