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What type of welding is used on jet engines?

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While working in a Fatigue Lab where we are trying to induce failures in various structures, it was noted that the best way to initiate a crack in Titanium is to tap it with a welding rod. Titanium is quite common in many aircrfat engines as it does not absorb heat. So when the welding rod connects to the surface of titanium, it trys to repel the heat and the result is many tiny cracks shoot our radially from the point of contact. As the part is then loaded with stress, one of those cracks will be in line with the principal stress and a fatigue crack will develope immediately.

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Type of engine used to power space flights?

rocket engines,compared to jet engines

Did the b-36 jet engines use jet fuel or the same gas as the 4360 engines?

The jet engines used jet fuel, not gasoline as the 6 main engines did.

What type of engine used in fighter bomber?

Ram-Jet Engines are used. Regards Vinod

What is faster an airplane or a jet?

A jet is a type of engine on an airplane. Some airplanes have propellers - those without propellers have jet engines. Airplanes with jet engines are faster than airplanes with propellers. Often airplanes with jet engines are referred to as "jets."

What type of plane did the jet replace?

The jet did not 'replace' any type of plane, it was just another logical step in the development of aircraft engines.The jet did not 'replace' any type of plane, it was just another logical step in the development of aircraft engines.

Are jet engines still used today?

yes they are, they are the engines you see on a 747 or even a small Private jet

What is rhenium used for?

used in parts of jet engines

What material is used for jet engine?

Steel, titanium and aluminium are all used in jet engines.

Why jet engines are used at high altitudes?

For thrust. Engines are used to overcome the drag of the airplane.

What is the name of airplane fuel?

Avgas is a common name for fuel used by internal combustion engines in aircraft, while jet fuel is used in jet engines.

Why are jet engines used for jets?

There is no actual answer, because a jet is called a jet because it has at least one jet engine.

How many engines does a jet aircraft have?

For the most part, jet engine aircraft mostly have 2 jet engines such as the a319, 737 and private jets such as lears and gulfstreams. However, this is purely dependent on the type of aircraft it is. Some aircraft, such as the 747, a340 and a380 have 4 jet engines.

When were jet engines invented in World War 2?

Jet engines were invented before WW2. They were used in a few late war German fighters.

Which engine used in airplane?

Ordinary jet engines are used on aircrafts. But some planes require turbojet engines. These planes fly at more than the speed of sound. There are other type of airplane types too.

Are jet engines are used for only moving jets?

Well yes, assuming if an airplane does not have a jet engine, it would not be called a jet.

What are jet engines used for?

For powering jet engined aircraft and a few other things I don't know

What is the Difference between a jet plane and aeroplane?

Aeroplane is a general term for any type of flying aircraft. A jet plane is one that is powered by jet engines.

What is a jet aircraft?

An aircraft propelled by jet engines rather than piston engines.

IAre Jet A and JP 5 fuel both used in civil airliner jet engines?

Yes. JP5 is primarily used in turbo fan engines, but they are blended for high performance and fuel economy.

Which part on England make jet engines?

Many factories in Britain make jet engines.

Do helicopters use jet fuel?

The type of fuel is specific to the type of engine, not the aircraft. Helicopters that have jet engines use jet fuel, and helicopters that have internal combustion engines use gasoline. However the General Electric T-58 had a device in the fuel control that allowed you to burn just about anything from avgas to jet fuel to kerosene.

What metals are used in jet engines?

Various alloys of Steel and Aluminum and Titanium.

Which motor is used in helicoptor?

Most modern helicopters use jet engines.

Constant pressure cycle used in which engine?

Gas turbine engines and airbreathing jet engines use the Brayton Cycle.

How to make a jet propulsion v type engine?

Since the terminology "V type" refers to piston configuration and since jet engines don't have pistons then it's not possible.