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What type of work did the Jews do in the Holocaust?

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November 02, 2016 7:53PM

They were put to forced labor in mining or the German armaments

industry; some crushed rock, some forged documents, money and works

of art, some moved rocks, some built V-2 Rockets, some stacked

rocks, some, as subjects, were abused in scientific and

pseudo-scientific experiments, but mostly they were made until they

died or were no longer fit to work and were sent to die. The nature

of their work wasn't important (in principle) to the Nazis. They

were rented out as laborers for a pittance. This pittance times

millions filled the SS coffers, and nothing was wasted. The

prisoners' hair was sold at 50 pfennig per kilo (7 tons were

confiscated at Auschwitz), and before cremation their gold teeth

were extracted as Judengeld for the support of the war effort.

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