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types of calenders

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Q: What types of calenders are there?
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Why are advent calenders called advent calenders?

because of jesus

What is another way to say mark your calendars?

Another way to say mark your calenders is to cross your calenders,check your calenders and that is ALL!

Who invented calenders?

I think the egyptians invented them because they used hieroglphics on calenders. I'm guessing they did.

How many calenders are there?


Did the Mayans develop accurate calenders?


Where can I find calendar worksheets online?

The website has many different types of calendar worksheets available to print. These calenders are free and customizable.

Why are calenders different from culture to culture?

because each culture has different ways and differnet calenders could be American, Mayan, iztec, and Inca

Where can one design printable calendars?

One can design printable calenders at sites which offer this service such as Calender Labs, Creative Calenders, Time and Date, and the Calender Printers. These sites all give one the option to customize the calenders with text and photos.

How did the Aztec keep records?

the aztecs are just like the maya they have calenders,signs like symbols.the aztecs also end up acually have many diffrent types of recordings that are unkown or have not been given a name.the aztecs have many ways but the best is calenders because, like i said they are just like the Mayan!

What special prayers are associated with advent?

chocolat calenders

How many calendars are in house of representatives?

There are 7,763 calenders.

Incas produced a steady food supply using what?


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