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Psychology is a very wide field with many interesting jobs. You could be a counselor at a school, a clinical psychologists, or even a forensic psychologist.

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Q: What types of careers are available with a psychology degree?
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What types of careers are available in construction?

Various careers are available in construction industry. If you have a civil engineering degree, you can have a career in the industry as a construction engineer.

What types of jobs are available with a psychology degree?

You can be a lot of things with a Psychology degree. You can be a school psychologist, therapist, guidance counselor, work with disabled.

What type of careers are available to those who have obtained a business degree?

There are many different types of careers available to those who have obtained a business degree. An example of this type of job would be the position of business manager.

What types of jobs are available for someone with a psychology degree?

There is a whole list of jobs available for someone with a psychology degree. One could be a therapist, or psychologist, civilian, military, etc. There are many others to list.

What types of careers are available with a criminal justice degree?

There are many careers associated with a criminal justice degree. You can go into the forensic science field, be a lawyer, work for the FBI, become a police officer, and many more.

What types of courses are required for a degree in psychology?

Many courses are needed for a degree in psychology. Not only are psychology course required, but all of the other standard courses such as math and English also must be completed.

What are the different types of LPN nursing careers available today?

There are various types of LPN nursing careers available. You can be a traveling LPN, and at home LPN, a ER LPN or even work in a doctors office as an LPN.

What types of careers are available with Prudential?

The types of careers with Prudential include Human Resources, Pension Risk Transfer, Communications Officer, Investment Management and Annuities Management.

What types of careers would obtaining a BSN nursing degree be useful for?

You can get the following types of careers with a BSN nursing degree: Working in Care facilities, hospitals, nursing consulting business - forensic nurse, professor or supervisor in a similar field.

What types of careers do people with degrees have?

They are in almost every field, and some that do not even require a degree.

What kind of job can you get with an associate's degree in psychology?

An associate's degree in psychology will not get you a career in psychology. You can NOT become a school guidance counselor OR social worker. To become a social worker or guidance counselor, you need a master's degree. A school guidance counceler is a good job to get. Also any kind of social worker job with your local human or childrens services. there are several more job types available with this type of degree.

What types of careers would require an MPA degree?

A Master of Public Administration degree is required for a lot of leadership careers, such as working with the government, non-profit organization or non-governmental organizations.

What types of careers can I get with a family and consumer sciences degree?

Family and Consumer sciences is a branch of psychology and sociology. With a degree in FCS you can obtain a job at a local MHMR clinic, daycare center as a director or work in a nursing home. You can expand on this degree by getting a masters in counseling and work as a private counselor or a school counselor.

What are the two types of bachelor's degree you can earn at a four year?

I think Psychology is the only one

What types of careers are offered in the field of biotechnology?

If you get a degree in biotechnology, there are many careers out there for you. You could become a researcher for a major corporation, or even work for the government in various branches.

What types of careers require only on the job training and not a degree or previous experience?

There are so many careers that I can't list them, the most exciting of which would be tattoo artist.

What types of jobs can I get with a math or statistics degree?

Many careers which require analytical thought will be a good fit for someone with a math degree. More particularly, jobs in finance, accounting, statistics, science, and, of course, academic research careers in math, will use a math degree.

Evaluating Careers in Psychology?

There are many types of occupations for people who are interested in the field of psychology. The following are some tips to consider. Someone who's interested in helping teenagers may pursue a psychology degree to work in a public school. A person who wants to study behaviors of criminals may become a criminal psychologist. A psychology graduate with interest in counseling young children may want to work in a children's hospital.

What are the 5 types of psychology and how are they used?

The five types of psychology are given below: Developmental Psychology Cognitive Psychology Clinical Psychology Social Psychology Neuro Psychology

What types of careers in agriculture are available?

There are thousands of careers available in the agriculture field. A few examples of jobs are farming, water conservation, forest guides. A huge profit in agriculture is farming or taking care of animals.

What are the different types of psycology?

There are various types of psychology offered in psychology courses. Few of the names are: Social Psychology, Developmental Psychology, Cognitive Psychology, Personality Psychology, Abnormal Psychology, Biological Psychology.

What types of technology careers are available?

In this age of technology, there is a variety of jobs available in the technological area, depending on degree and training. Among the opportunities there are web designs, programmers, analysts, network developers, engineers and technical support assistants. This is just a small list of the many computer-related jobs available.

What sort of careers are available at a surgery center?

"There are many different types of careers available at a surgery center. They are as follows: surgeon, surgical technician, biller, coder, medical assistant, nurse, or anesthesiologist. These jobs will vary per location."

What types of psychology do you get?

All the types!

What types of jobs are available on the software side of IT?

Careers in software design and development fall into two categories: programmers and analysts.