What types of food did Cleopatra eat?

Cleopatra ate grapes, dates, nuts, figs, olives, pomegranates, fish, bread, honey, cheese, and meats such as wild boar, pigeon, quail, beef.

When Cleopatra visited the Romans, some say she ate small roasted songbirds arranged quite beautifully with asparagus tips and spotted quail eggs, cooked in their shells. Red grapes were piled in the center of the table surrounded with plates of figs and large green olives.

When Cleopatra ate dinner in bed she often had leek soup, freshly cooked duck eggs and bread for dipping. Servants bought little cakes for snacking on, along with some bread (even though the royal baker delivers fresh loaves of bread twice a day).

She also drank wine (to worship their wine God) and beer.

She is also said to have liked an exotic dish made of camel hooves. Unfortunately the recipe/method of preparing has been lost.