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Labret studs and any kind of ring are best. You could use an eyebrow bar if you'd like but it can look a bit strange because the ball would point down. Tongue bars are way too long. You could use smaller barbells though, they work just as well as labret studs. Just not the same variety :)

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Q: What types of jewelry can be used in a tragus piercing for example eyebrow bar tongue bar labret stud can you use these?
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Is it possible that a lip piercing can be a labret to?

Labret can be used to describe any lip piercing but it's most commonly used to reer to center lower lip piercings. Labret post jewelry can be worn in any lip piercing and even ear piercings.

What size jewelry is used when piercing your labret?

It's usually a 16 or a 14 gauge.

What kind of jewelry for a Monroe piercing?

A labret (14g) or microlabret (18g ~16g) the length will be determined by your professional body piercer at the time of the piercing.

What is a lebret piercing?

Well it's actually a Labret piercing taken from the latin word for lip. A Labret piercing is a piercing in the lip done with a Labret stud, captive bead ring or barbell.

What is a labret piercing?

Labret is Latin for "lip" , a labret piercing was defined as a centerline lower lip piercing placed just below the center of the lower lip, they jewellery designed for this piercing is called a Labret stud a flat back stud with a removable top, screw on ball.A labret piercing in a piercing between the center of the lower lip and chin.

What is a lip piercing jewelry called?

There are many different types of jewellry than can be put into a lip piercing, such as a labret(stud) bcr (ball closure ring) a segment closure ring, horseshoe rings, and more. normally a fresh piercing is done with a titanium labret.

What gaude is a labret?

This all depends on what size needle your piercing artist uses when performing the piercing. But after your piercing is healed, you can stretch the gauge size bigger to fit other jewelry. C:

Can a labret stud be used on the lip?

If it's a vertical Labret piercing then it's a curved barbell, if it's a standard lip piercing it can be a labret stud or a ring.

What is the most popular piercing for men?

On men, the piercings I have seen the most are eyebrow, labret, and tongue. As for the least common piercings for men, it would be nose and bellybutton.

What type of jewelry can you get for your lip piercing?

You can wear labret studs in lip piercings, also captive bead rings and circular barbells.

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