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What types of problems would you encounter if you plugged a 240V rated piece of equipment into a 120V outlet?

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2015-07-17 17:41:53
2015-07-17 17:41:53

it wouldn't work long it would keep popping breaker and possible to cause a fire if keep reseting the breaker

110v would not be enough to power 220v. It wouldn't harm the appliance but it will not keep popping breakers. However, plugging 110v equipment into 220v outlets will destroy the appliance.

You can cause damage to the equipment, at least if there is a motor in it. The 110v will be insufficient to turn the motor, so the current passing through it will remain at the level of the startup surge (ever notice how the lights in your house dim slightly when the air conditioner compressor kicks on?). For a short duration, like a normal startup, this surge will not do any harm, but if that much current is allowed to continue coursing through the coils, they will quickly overheat.

Never let the smoke out of the motor!

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Yes, a 110 volt device can be plugged into a 125 volt receptacle. The voltage rating on the receptacle is only there as the highest voltage supply that the manufacturer recommends their equipment be connected to.

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