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Pahoehoe does not come from any specific type of volcano. It is just a type of lava that has a smooth, ropey surface. However, it is most often associated with shield volcanoes.

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What types of lava erupts from kilauea volcano?

Pahoehoe lava comes out of the Kilauea volcano. Hope I helped. But hey, do you know any other volcanoes that spew pahoehoe? Need help on homework. Answer it!

Is a pahoehoe a composite volcano?

no, it is lava with a smooth ropey surface.

What are the two types of volcanic materials?

Basalt, Fumeral, and Pahoehoe Basalt, Fumeral, and Pahoehoe

What types of rock does a volcano make?

That depends on the chemistry of magma the volcano erupts - Basalt, andesite, rhyolite etc. but Generically the rock coming out of a volcano is called lava rock (pahoehoe or aa) but one can also get pumice or ignimbrites.

How does pahoehoe look coming from a dormant volcano?

You can't have lava coming out of a dormant volcano. A volcano that is putting out lava is, by definition, active.

What ate the differences between pahoehoe and Aa what kind of eruption produces these types of lava?

Pahoehoe and AA lava are produced by quiet eruptions. This means that instead of a blast or explosion, the lava just flows out of the volcano. Pahoehoe lava is hot and flows quickly. AA lava is cooler in temperature and doesn't flow as quickly.

Does pahoehoe or AA come out of mt Kilauea?

Kilauea produced boht pahoehoe and a'a. It often starts out as pahoehoe and turns into a'a further downhill as it cools.

What kind of lava do Composite Volcanoes have?

Pahoehoe is the most common lave for a composite volcano

Which types of eruptions produce pahoehoe lava?

Quiet Eruptions produce pahoehoe lava. It also can produce Aa lava. Pahoehoe is a fast moving and a hot lava. Pahoehoe looks like wrinkles once it starts to cool down.

What are the different types of lava?

A'a Pahoehoe Pillow Lava The difference between the lava is the elements and amount of water inside the volcano. Also, the thickness of the lava.There are 4 different types of lava flows maybe more

Different types of lava?

Different types of lava: A'a Pahoehoe Pillow Lava

How does pahoehoe form?

Pahoehoe lava forms by small pieces of lava from an irregular flow. It is typical in certain types of volcanoes such as shield volcanoes.

What lava composition does kilauea volcano have?

i read this somewhere else but i wouldn't use me to answer whatever you need help with pahoehoe

What type of rocks come out of a dome volcano?

The types of rocks that come out of volcanoes are called pumice and igneos.

What is the difference between pahoehoe and AA and what kind of eruption produces these types of lava?

It make a quiet eruption produce two different types of lava-hot, fast-moving pahoehoe and cooler, slower-moving aa.

Describe the different types of lava?

1) Pahoehoe 2) Aa Pahoehoe is lava which move fast and is slipery. Aa is lava which moves slowy and is very sticky.

What are the types of volcano according to the types of cone?

there are alot of types of volcanoes but the most known are the shield volcano ,the composite volcano and the cinder cone volcano

How many types of volcano are there?

ther are three types of volcano

What are of types of volcanoes?

shield volcano, cinder cone volcano, and composite volcano are types of volcanoes

Types of lava?

Blocky Lava, Pahoehoe Lava, Aa Lava, Pillow Lava

What are the three types of lava flow?

Pahoehoe lava, Aa lava, and Blocky lava

What are the differences between pahoehoe and AA What kind of eruption produces these types of lava?

The differences are that Pahoehoe produces fast moving lava; Aa produces slower moving lava. The kind of eruption that produces these types of lava is a quiet eruption.

What are the characteristics of the four types of lava?

The four types are block lava Pahoehoe lava Aa lava and pillow lava

How many types of lava are there?

There are 6 different types of lava. There is Aa, Pahoehoe, Pyroclastic, Andesitic, Rhyolitic, and lastly Basaltic.

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