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Q: What us a lemon cake federalism?
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What type of federalism is metaphorically referred to as Marble Cake Federalism?

cooperative federalism

Which federalism is compared to a layer cake?

duel federalism is compared to a layer cake

What metaphor best symbolizes federalism?

The cake examples. There is a layered cake (Which represents dual federalism) and the marble cake (Which represents cooperative federalism).

What is Martin Grodzins view of federalism?

Morton Grodzins' well-known for his comparisons of dual federalism to a layer cake and cooperative federalism to a marble cake.

What are four periods of federalism?

The three eras of federalism are dual federalism (layer cake), cooperative federalism (marble), and new federalism.

What type of federalism does each cake analogy represent?

The cakes refer to the different types of federalism. The main concern is the sharing or separation of powers and the extent to which the State and Federal governments cooperate or compete. They are as follows Layer Cake--Dual Federalism--1789 to 1860 Marble Cake--Cooperative Federalism-- 1930 to 1960 Pound Cake--Co-optive federalism-- 1960 to 1980 Crumble Cake--Competitive Federalism-- 1980 till Present

The theory of dual federalism is most consistent with the concept of?

layer cake federalism

Does lemon cake have egg in it?

No lemon cake does not have egg in it cause lemon and egg mixture in cake leads to sickness and bad taste

A national and state sphere of government is called what?

Dual Federalism or Layered-cake federalism

What cake begins with l?

Lemon cake Layer cake

Can you substitute lime juice for lemon juice for a cake glaze?

If a cake filling recipe requires lemon juice, can lime juice be used instead?

What are the main ingredients used in a common lemon cake?

The main ingredients used in a common lemon cake are- flour, sugar, eggs, oil and lemon. Some people add the rind of the lemon, or zest to add a little more lemon flavor to the cake as well.