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What use of c in circuits?

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C = capacitors. Capcitors can be used to store voltages so that they become voltage sources, or they can be used in mixed A/D circuits as timers, attenuators, filters, etc.

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What has the author K C A Smith written?

K. C. A. Smith has written: 'Electrical circuits' -- subject(s): Electric circuits

How can you use circuits in a sentence?

His logic runs in circuits.

What has the author William C Till written?

William C. Till has written: 'Integrated Circuits' -- subject(s): Integrated circuits, Microelectronics

What do combination circuits use?

Compound or combination circuits combine aspects of both parallel and series circuits.

What has the author Keng C Wu written?

Keng C. Wu has written: 'Transistor circuits for spacecraft power system' -- subject(s): Space vehicles, Power electronics, Auxiliary power supply, Transistor circuits, Transister circuits

What is r in RC circuits?

R = Resistance and C = Capacitance.

What has the author C n Herrick written?

C n. Herrick has written: 'Electronic circuits'

Why does Jim use dc supply in oscillator circuits?

Jim use dc supply in oscillator circuits to and ac out put.

Why are using transformer in circuits?

Transformers are use in circuits to step up and down voltages.

Why do you use series and parallel circuits?

Parallel circuits are used for independent operations and redundancy. Series circuits are used for simplicity and dependent operations.

What has the author C Devere written?

C. Devere has written: 'Storage cathode-ray tubes and circuits'

What is the use of rc circuits?

RC circuits are used as oscillators. It is also used in filter design.

What type of circuits have loads on separate branches of a loop?

parallel circuitsThey could be called twin-loop circuits but it isn't a term in common use.

Why you need electronic circuits?

We need to use electric circuits so as to make the transfer of electricity easier. you must have seen various paths made in the circuits, these path controls and regulates the flow of current . But if we don't use electronic circuits then we will have to use wires which is very difficult to handle when we have to do large no. of operations li in computer.

How would you use the word circuits in a sentence?

In our science lesson we were making electrical circuits it was really fun.

Do fuses protect against - A short circuits B overoading C lightning surges D large ground faults?

Short circuits.

Does Europe use 20A branch circuits?


What kind of circuit are homes wired in?

Homes are wired in both series and parallel circuits. It depends on what the circuits load is as to what type of circuit to use. Usually dedicated circuits are series loaded circuits.

What has the author Albert C W Saunders written?

Albert C. W. Saunders has written: 'Working with semiconductors' -- subject(s): Semiconductors, Transistor circuits '99 ways to use your oscilloscope' -- subject(s): Oscilloscopes

Why do you use batteries to power your circuits in school?


What is a solution of series circuits?

use a parallel circiut!

What items use parallel circuits?

Appliances at home

Do all eletronic devices use integrated circuits?

No, they do not.

What modern devices use integrated circuits?

The modern devices that use integrated circuits are :Lab topsDVDsProcessorsPhonesAlmost anything containing electronics.

What has the author S Fich written?

S. Fich has written: 'Theory of A-C circuits'

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