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What dose a stp. S3387A oil filter go

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What vehicle does stp oil filter part number s3985 fit?

I put one on a VM 3cyl. Diesel Generator.

What vehicle does a fram oil filter xg16 fit?

That filter is generally for Chrysler products.

What vehicle does an STP brand oil filter part number S3387A fit?

It is commonly found on a number of GM engines. It fits most of GM's line with the exception of Cadillacs, the Ecotec series, the LSx series, Duramax, Saturns and possibly a few more.

What vehicle does a fram ph5 oil filter fit?

Ph5 Fram oil filter fits GMC 7.4L or the 454 cu. in.

What does Fram oil filter TG3980 fit?

what vehicle uses fram tg3980

What vehicle does a S10590XL STP oil filter fit?

Stp oil filtre fit a 2014 chevy impala lt

What vehicle does stp oil filter part number s3980 fit?

all you gotta do is type exactly what you typed in here into google and you would have your answer in 0.2356 seconds lol

What vehicle does a napa oil filter?

Napa oil filters fit many different vehicles.

What vehicle uses a STP S6607 Oil Filter?

does oil filter STP s6607xl fit 2010 Lexus IS 250 or 2017 Honda crv

What vehicle does a 10241 oil filter fit?

it fits a Toyota sienna with a 3.0 v-6

What vehicle does a fram oil filter PH30 FIT?

several chevys. for instance older cavaliers.

What vehicle does a PH3593 fram oil filter fit?

Honda Accord 2001 and 2002 models

What vehicle does fram oil filter ph6017A fit?

I had a Honda 1800 VTX and used these filters for it.

What does a MI 104 oil filter fit?

what does a mobil mi 104 oil filter fit

What vehicle does a fram oil filter xg3675 fit?

A 2000 Chevy Silverado K2500 with 6.0 Vortec engine.

What does a stp filter s10590 fit?

at does stp s10590 oil filter fit

What does a deutsch D432 oil filter fit?

Will the Deutsch D 432 oil filter fit a Ford engine

What does PF52 oil filter fit?

pf 52 oil filter fits what

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