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High end video phones that have the best picture phone are the droid and the iphone. These phones are up to date and the best among cell phones at this current time.

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Q: What video phone has the best picture quality?
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What is the quality of a charge video?

The quality of a charge video is 720p. In other words the resolution for the video is very high quality for a phone, but it is not the best quality available.

Which video cell phone produces the best quality videos?

Cell phones that are in the $100 or more have the best quality.

What is the best resolution for a cell phone camera?

Most advanced smartphone cameras are 8MP picture quality. They can shoot video in 1080p resolution. The Nokia N8 has a 12.1 MP camera.

What is the best video format to save memory on a 30g ipod?

It really depends on whether you are looking for good quality video or trying to save space. If you are looking for a better picture quality then the best format is H.264. If you are trying to save space then using a lower bit-rate will give you a smaller file but will affect the picture quality.

What is the difference between a secondary and a primary camera?

Both of the secondary and primary cameras are located on a mobile phone, but they are in opposite spots. The secondary camera is on the back of the phone and has the best picture quality of the two. The primary camera is on the front and has lower quality as its mainly used for video chats and taking self-portraits.

Out of all t he camera cell phones out there, which one has the best picture quality?

The HTC EVO GT is considered the best overall camera phone with an 8 megapixel camera and HD video. However the Sony Ericcson Idou has the best camera with a 12.1 megapixel camera comparable to a high quality DSLR.

How do you film your TV?

You can do it with pretty much any camera of reasonable quality (so don't use the camera on your cell phone). But, keep in mind that it will look a little distorted and lines may fade in out of the picture. This is because of the interference between a video camera and a video screen.The best way to capture video from your t.v./computer monitor is to use an external capture card for best/hd quality. (There about 100$ for a decent quality one)

How reliable is the palm pixi plus?

This phone has been rated between three and four stars and is good at multitasking. It is reliable, but does not have the best picture quality or call quality.

Which flat screen TV brand has the best quality of picture?

Sony currently has the best quality picture among flat screen televisions.

What is the best quality cordless headset phone?

Panasonic makes the best quality cordless headset phone on the market. With high quality sound and outstanding range, this is the best cordless headset phone on the market.

What is best picture quality big screen tv?

The best, and highest, HDTV quality is 1080p

What are the best feature of Cellular South phone?

The best feature of the Cellular South phone is the battery life. The phone can last you about 2 days without charging, which is pretty impressive. Another feature that it includes is high picture quality.

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