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Viruses don't cause cancer...

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He had the MOS of 11B (infantryman)

MOS stands for Military Occupational Specialty. You may hear MOS 68F or something else. Each job is assigned a MOS.

Yes, Mos Def is a Muslim.

The 92F Mos is a petroleum supply specialist

The population of MOS Burger is 2,010.

MOS Technology was created in 1969.

The population of Alpha MOS is 73.

Mos Def goes by Pretty Flaco, Flaco Bey, The Mighty Mos Def, and Bez.

MOS Military Occupational Specialty

Mia Farrow is the girlfriend of Mos Def.

MOS is an acronym for Military Occupational Specialty...or job specialty.

MOS 0331 is machine gunner in infantry

Mos Def was born on December 11, 1973.

Mos Def was born on December 11, 1973.

Well the MOS protocol was altered for strictly professional reasons, the department was re-organizing their registry

The Mos Eisley Cantina is a fictional bar in the Star Wars universe located in the "pirate city" of Mos Eisley on the planet Tatooine.

Mos stands for military operational specialty and MOS 6100 is the code used for Helicopter/Tilt-rotor Mechanic-Trainee.

there is no MOS is a B billet which is separate from jobs in the fleet.

MOS 7011 is an Expeditionary Airfield System Tech.

The real name of Mos Def is Dante Terrell Smith.

Special Operations or any Infantry MOS

Mos Def's birth name is Dante Terrell Smith.

For some misdemeanors, yes. Class A: 6 mos to a year Class B: 0 to 6 mos Class C: 0 to 3 mos

Yes! It is a good MOS. My MOS was 68E20 Prop 7 Rotor repair specialist. I served with the 101st Airborne Div, 101st Assault Helicopter Battalion LZ Sally Viet Nam 1968-1969

Your MOS is selected when you sign your enlistment contract at the MEPS centre. While in BCT or OSUT, you may have the option to drop certain elective (for example, you can drop a RIP contract, or you can drop Airborne school), but you can't change your MOS. If you fail your AIT for the MOS for which you enlisted, then you'll be retrained in another MOS, although you're not very likely to have much of a say in regards to which MOS you're retrained as.