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Vitamins that are good are; Vitamin D3 1,000 mg, calcium, magnesium, manganese, vitamin c, and B vitamins are also helpful. Research has found that we need more D3 for strong bones.

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Q: What vitamin is good for the people have scoliosis?
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How does people take care of scoliosis?

people take care of scoliosis by excersing

What do people preffer from food?

people preffer vitamin C and a good balance of the rare vitamin Z.

What does scoliosis do to elder people?

If elderly people have scoliosis they wont die unless there scoliosis is 50 to 60 degrees or more then it might cause breathing problems.

Can people be predisposed to scoliosis?

If you have spina bifida, congenital deformation of the vertebrae, or muscular dystrophy, those conditions can lead to scoliosis. Over 80% of scoliosis cases are idiopathic though, which means that know one really knows why some people develop scoliosis. You're more likely to get idiopathic scoliosis if you have a familiar member with scoliosis.

Which hospital in RI is giving the good quality Treatment for Scoliosis?

There are many hospital in Rhode Island that offer Scoliosis treatment. One with good quality services are the scoliosis clinic at Rhode Island Hospital.

Is scoliosis terminal?

Majority of cases are treatable and these days surgery is so good it is not heard of in the west of terminal cases, with good treatment scoliosis can be dealt with There are minor cases of death where Scoliosis is concerned but we don´t see that in the west

Can people that had the scoliosis surgery have kids?

Of course they can!

What vitamin is good for bones and teeth?

Calcium is not a vitamin, it's a mineral, but it is very important for healthy bones. Vitamin D helps people absorb and use calcium. Vitamin K seems to help prevent fractures in elderly people.

Is scoliosis rare or common?

Scoliosis is really an opinion on if it is rare or common. I can answer that 2-3% of people HAVE curves of over 20*, i have i find it pretty common that 2-3 percent have it...but i think that more people should know what it is.

What are some Treatments for Scoliosis and spinabifida?

If your scoliosis is mild then you should just do exercises aproved by a doctor for scoliosis. If it is severse then you should either wear a backbrace to keep it from getting worse or get surgery. Scoliosis can cause backpain. Try to keep a good posture to stop your pain!!

Is scoliosis special needs?

In most cases, no, however, some people are left badly disabled by scoliosis so those people would be considered special needs

How is scoliosis treated in alternative medicine?

exercise has not been shown to prevent or slow the progression of scoliosis. It may help to relieve pain from scoliosis by helping to maintain range of motion. Good nutrition is also important