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World War caused Europe to divide.

By Omar Adam

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What divided western Europe in the middle ages?

After the fall of Rome what two things caused Western Europe to divide into multiple kingdoms

How did the cold war divide Europe?

Because Wilson demplomated the telegraph and there was jelousy so they divided America from europe

Why did Europe divide into two?

Europe was divided into two opposing sides during the Cold War. Here, Western Europe was democratic and Eastern Europe was communist.

World war two was cause by?

World war II was caused by Hitler invading Europe.

Why did Europe enter the World War1?

Europe entered world war 1 because we believed that Germany were wrong in what they were doing. Europe believed that Gavrilo Princip was the catalyst that caused the war

What caused the US to enter a war thousands of miles aaway in Europe?

Germany declared war on the U.S..................

What was the meeting to divide Europe?

Ural Mountains divide Asia from Europe.

How did the downfall of Rome affect the Early Middle Ages?

It caused Europe to divide in to many states battling for power and land.

What caused to us to enter world war 1?

Europe needed help and weapons

Which mountain range in Europe is the Continental Divide?

No mountain range is the continental divide for Europe. The European Watershed is the continental divide for Europe, but it is just hilly terrain.

Effects on Europe after world war 1?

The major effect of World War 1 on Europe was economic recession. This was caused by great war spending and labor crises due to loss of the working class in war casualties.

Which best states why language caused a divide between western and eastern Europe?

Language barriers will cause a divide anywhere. Eastern Europe is mainly composed of Slavic languages while Western Europe is mainly composed of Romance and Germanic languages. Language barriers will cause the inability to communicate.

What are the problems with the alliance system?

The problem of alliance system is make a smal war to a Europe war, such as The Balkan War ,so that the death people will be increase. And other is the Europe will be divide to be two power,the society will become unsteady.

What were the factors that caused European nations in the US to become involved in World War 1?

There are no "European nations " in the United States that caused them to get involved in the war. European nations are in Europe.

What do the ural mountains separate?

The Ural Mountains divide Europe from Asia.

What caused the outbreak of world war 2 in Europe?

World War II was a result of the growth of fascist dictatorship in Europe

What triggered world war one?

The assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand in conjunction with the complex system of alliances in Europe before the war began caused a recipe for disaster that caused a sectional conflict to explode into a world war.

What caused the d-day?

An allied need to enter German occupied Europe to end the war...........

What caused the nationalism in Europe?

The political robbing of losers of the First World War both financially and geographically. This led to the Second World War.

Why was Britain and France the cause of war in Europe?

Britain & France fought against Germany in WW1 & WW2. I think it might be difficult to find a way of establishing that Britain & France caused War in Europe.

What 2 mountain ranges divide Europe from Asia?

The Ural and the Caucasus Mountain ranges divide Europe from Asia.

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