What war was going on in the 1980s?

the war was called the falklands war.

it was a war between Britain and Argentina over some island off of the coast of Argentina called the Falkland islands. For years the Argentinians had been eyeing them up and when Britain took huge financial cuts in the navy during the 80s the last navy vessel left the falklands; there were no army guarding it - so Argentina pounced and attempted to sieze the Falklands. News of this reached Maggie Thatcher, Prime minister at the time. She wanted to settle the disagreement between Britain and Argentina peacefully, but it soon became clear that that couldn't be. One of Mrs.Thatcher's experienced Naval commanders stepped in and claimed he could have a fleet of navy vessels setting sail for Argentina in 42 hours. Maggie Thatcher agreed and in three day's time the vessels set sail for the Falklands. It was an act that brought the nation together again. With in three weeks of arriving there Britain secured the Falklands with exactly 255 British deaths.