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You mean World War II.



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Well in ww2 the axis countries were Germany, Japan, and Italy. But Nazi Germany did invade Italy later on in the war By, Husky Pratt

It started September 1939 by the Nazi Germans when they invaded Poland with their tanks, infantry and airplanes.Hitler started to invade other countries and they fought back. Other countries seeing this a very dire threat declared Hitler invading Poland

World War II started when Hitler started to invade other countries as the German Chancellor. The other countries fought back and other countries they had made alliances with declared war.

Ireland was a neutral country in World War 2. So it was not directly involved in the war and did not invade any countries.

Hitler wanted to invade other countries because when the Germans lost the first world war they ended up losing alot of land to other countries as a punishment so they wanted to get it back basically.

he was a man in world war 2 that led the Germans and Germany to conquer and invade other countries.

Nazi Germany invaded Poland on September 1, 1939.

Hitler took other Austria and Czechoslovakia before WW2 and Poland at start of world war 2.

The term is used in connection with World War 2 for countries invaded and ruled by Nazi Germany. These countries included: Holland and France

Only Nazi Germany and some its Axis allies (Croatia and Romania) committed the terrible atrocities that went to making the Holocaust in WW2. No countries that went to war did so because of Nazi race policy. All the countries that fought against the Axis did so because of the desire of the Axis countries to attack neutral neighbouring countries & territories of other countries empires. All the countries that fought against Nazi Germany were against the Holocaust but none went to war specifically because of it, indeed most were wholly unaware of it & its implications.

World War II was fought due to Nazi Germany's aggression towards other European countries - notably, Poland and Great Britain.

Britain's declaration of war on Nazi Germany led to the Canadian Corps' involvement. So technically, Canada declared war on Nazi Germany.

Between 1881 and World War I in 1914.

The countries he invaded were Anschluss, Austria, Sudentenland, Chechoslovakia, and Poland.

Poland was invaded and overrun in a sneak attack, which brought England, her ally, into the war.

The first two countries to go into WW2 were Nazi Germany and Poland prior to the invasion of Poland by Nazi Germany.

Italy invaded a handful of countries during World War 2. This included Ethiopia, along with Albania and Greece. The Italians and Mussolini, however, were heavily pressured by Hitler and the Nazis to invade its neighbors.

World War II in Europe started with the Nazi invasion of Poland, where France and the UK declared war on Nazi Germany. During that next winter, known as the Phony War, no attacks took place. Then, the Germans attacked Norway and Denmark. The British attempted to protect Norway, but retreated and Norway fell to Nazi Germany. The Nazis then took the Benelux countries and France, leaving the British all alone as the US and USSR were neutral at this time. The Nazis then attempted to invade Britain, but failed. The Americans then entered the war. However, prior to this, many other countries (allies of the UK) declared war on Nazi Germany (Canada, Australia, New Zealand, India, and South Africa), contributing troops and equipment to Britain before the Americans.

Hitler and the NAZI party wanted a world without Jews involved so they declared war on the world and almost won

No, USSR won WWII by defeating nazi Germany and occupying baltic states, poland and other countries.No

nazi germany, italy, japan........

Hitler started the second world war by invading Poland, He could freely invade Poland because he had a Nazi-Soviet pact meaning that the soviets couldn't attack the Germans no matter what and Vice Versa :)

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