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Q: What warning does Patrick Henry give about the power of gongress in the proposed federal constitutions?
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What has the author Dugald Thomson written?

Dugald Thomson has written: 'Comparison of five federal constitutions' -- subject(s): Federal government, Constitutions

How do state constitutions differ from the federal Constitution?

State constitutions are much longer. State Constitutions are also very spedific and detailed. State constitutions are also much easier to amend.

What is the same about state and federal constitutions?

they both have three branches

How do state constitutions compare to federal constitutions?

The state's constitutions tend to be a lot more detailed about the relationship between the state government and the people than the federal constitution is. Also, states constitutions can have slight variations from state to state and preside over single states rather than an entire country.

How are state and federal constitutions alike?

Federal and state constitutions are alike in the sense that the spell out the rights of the people and the responsibilities of the officials. They both provide clear laws that must be amended to change.

These courts derive their power from the state constitutions and laws?

federal courts

What are the constitutions term limits?

The constitutions has two term limits. The two term limits are ratified the Constitution and the federal constitution convention.

Why did colonial authorities want colonies to write new state constitutions?

They wanted them to write state constitutions modeled after the federal constitution.

Why are state constitutions usually longer than the U.S. Constitution?

We don't necessarily know that state constitutions are longer than the federal constitution.

The constitutions necessary and proper clause is the source of which federal powers?

Implied powers

What two plans were proposed for the structure and representation in the new federal government?

what two plans were proposed for the structure and representation in the new federal government

Where are the Proposed rules and regulations on the federal level are first published in?

Federal Register

Can the Utah Constitution override the Federal Ada laws in the united constitution?

no, federal laws always override state constitutions

The state adopted constitutions to limit the power of whom?

State constitutions constrain the states themselves.The states adopted the U.S. Constitution to form the federal government.

What do state constitutions show about how power is distributed in your federal system?

Mr g ! Lol

Case law includes interpretations of federal and state?

administrative rules, statutes, and constitutions

How did state Constitutions protect rights?

Protected from the Federal government incase it was corrupt/etc

What is the Federal Budget-?

The Federal budget is the is proposed by the President and approved by Congress. The Federal budget is the fiscal budget for the coming year.

What is the main difference between the US federal constitution and the various state constitutions?

It's D

The freedoms of speech religion and the press are listed in which portion of the federal and state constitutions?

bill of rights A+

Nine types of cases the supreme court and federal courts have jurisdiction over?

the constitutions, Federal laws,treaties,law goverment ship,

Which committee proposed for a federal structure in India?

Peel committee...

Law and litigation affecting criminal justice employees can arise out of all but which one what?

federal and state constitutions

Lobbying is protected under what amendment?

The First Amendment of the federal constitution and similar protections in state constitutions.

Who creates the federal budget?

The President submits his proposed budget to Congress.